Shattered (Max Revere, #4) by: Allison Brennan

You want the truth. I understand that drive. I really do. I am always seeking the truth-but more than that, I am looking for answers. I am driven by a much darker force than truth. I need justice, I need to know that killers will be caught, that they will be punished.

Max Revere is on a case for a her show that solves cold cases. It is the most compelling as it deals with human behavior and finding the truth. Her old college friend has called for help. His wife is on trial for the murder of their little boy that was taken and then found several miles from his home. Is this senseless murder connected to a cold case from twenty years ago? Where a killer buried the victims in a place where they played. Three cases that have similarities in the span of 20 years.

Max knows she needs to start with the first victim of Justin Stanton and they only way she can get answers is to have Lucy Kincaid FBI agent partner alongside her. Lucy is also related to the victim and specializes in profiling the serial killers. Where there is tension, character development is prevalent and it is between Lucy and Max. They both want the truth but they need each other to get to the killer. A killer that has methodically killed little boys and left families shattered.

This is the best one that I have read of these series. I loved how the relationship between Lucy and Max became one of respect where there was caution. These two characters were different in many aspects but their strength and weakness brought them together to solve the crime. It also dealt with what makes a mind want to kill children. The why of the crime is what made this such a compelling thriller. I loved it.

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Where I lost Her by: T. Greenwood

Where I Lost HerWhere I Lost Her by T. Greenwood
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have lost, those irretrievable things? It seems that everything I lose remains lost. For years now, I have had to resign myself to forfeiture. I am always, always, relinquishing things. Whether stupidly squandered or foolishly misplaced, whether abandoned or stolen, so much of what I have loved and wanted.

This is my second novel of Greenwood and I am always captivated with her characters and prose. She writes to make you feel something. Jess and Jake have taken leave of the fast paced life and come back to Jess hometown. Right away there is tension, a past and a marriage crumbling. In the haze of it all, Jess encounters a little girl that is hurt and in the middle of highway. She stops to help her and when she comes distracted, the little girl disappears. This occurrence takes her back to another time and place as she desperately looks to the authorities for help but they do not believe her. She begins to doubt herself and her marriage crumbles even more.

It is a compelling prose as you discover the past that has left Jess vulnerable and her marriage crushed. As she searches for the little girl, she is also in search of redemption. A desire to right what has been wrong.

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After She’s Gone by: Lisa Jackson

After She's GoneAfter She’s Gone by Lisa Jackson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Rating 3.5 Stars

A mystery thriller that takes sister competition to a whole another level. Cassie Kramer and her younger sister, Allie have the average love/hate relationship. Their mother made her fame in the movies until a vicious attack on her and her youngest daughter sent her packing out of LA to the quiet of Washington state. Her daughters have followed in her footsteps in the movie business. Allie a popular actress making a un upcoming thriller and her oldest daughter a screenwriter. When the movie takes a tragedy and Allie goes missing, does it become a publicity stunt or something more sinister. Cassie has her own demons with a broken marriage and checking herself into “head” hospital, she becomes frantic for her missing sister. Checking herself out of the hospital, she does a little detective work on her own to find out what happened. In searching for her sister, several crew members of the movie become fatal victims of a vicious attack that link her sister and her mother to the murders.

The book starts in pretty intense but then the intensity kind of dies out until the very end. I felt like at times I was going in circles with the plot instead of forward. The intensity was the descriptive narrative of the perp and the frame of mind. Intensity was good; going in circles not so good.

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Find Her (Detective DD Warren #8) by: Lisa Gardner

Find Her (Detective D.D. Warren, #8)Find Her by Lisa Gardner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Humans are interesting, however. Our ability to adapt is truly impressive. Our rage against our own suffering. Our relentless need to find a way out, to do something, anything, to advance our lot in life.

The adrenaline rush on this read is why I read. I can only imagine it is liken to jumping out of an airplane and realizing my chord is not working and falling a free fall with a safe landing only hundreds of feet left. That is what I felt and my heart is still going crazy. It is character study of survival. Flora Dane is a survivor. Or is she a loco? Or is she a vigilante? She is not a victim.

Flora Dane was your average college student. On spring break she was taken by Jacob Ness who had broken her down and rebuilt Flora in 472 days. First by putting her in a coffin, abusing her; changing her name and having her call him by her father’s name. It is brutal. But getting Flora back to her family was more devastation than the actual abduction. It was because getting her back was realizing that her family lost her after all. Flora is still surviving. She is on the hunt for other lost women that have disappeared. She is on a mission to balance the scale.

Agent DD Warren is called to a crime scene where Dane 5 years later has killed a man that has taken her just like Ness, but this time she fought back. Is this the man who has taken other missing women in Boston? Warren is mystified on Dane’s story and what her real story is. Warren realizes that Dane is not the normal distraught victim and it is troubling.

The narration starts with Dane’s abduction and how she gets in the zone to survive. Long ago I learned to separate my mind from my body, my emotions from my pain… This descriptive narrative is gripping as Dane’s fight for survival is all to real. The narration goes back in forth in time from when Dane’s abduction occurred, the relationship between Dane and Jacob, her freedom from Ness and finally her obsession to find other missing women. The narration also includes Warren’s investigation as she discovers the truth about Dane and about herself.

This can be a stand alone and does well as one however; I am under the assumption that in previous books, Warren had a shift of her job as a private detective and because of that she has had a loss of self. The two women find themselves and their sense of identity as they come together to find the high profile missing women.

I am a fan!

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Summit Lake by: Charlie Donlea

Summit LakeSummit Lake by Charlie Donlea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As she stared down from the bluff, Kelsey felt connected to the town. It had a story to tell her. And even though Penn Courtney sent her here to slowly get her swagger back, to ease her gently back into the occupations she once ruled. Kelsey had no intention of taking it easy

I.Loved Loved. Loved . This…

Enough said.

I am tempted not to write a review in case I turn anyone off. But I have to tell you, this drew me in. No correction, I was reeled in.

So descriptive in many accounts. The setting in the Blue Ridge Mountains that is so peaceful, so beautiful. So how can a horrific crime occur that is so ugly and so violent. Becca Eckersley, a first-year law student, who had everything going for her, brutally murdered. Was it a murder of hate or of love?

Investigative reporter Kelsey Castle, is assigned to Summit Lake to find the story. It was an assignment to give her time off to recoup and regain confidence after she was brutally attacked and left for dead. Becca’s story became Kelsey story – the only difference is Kelsey survived.

I was reeled into this story on page 1…you meet Becca as the attack occurs. It is descriptive in that you are her! She knows her attacker and she knows why.

The narration is told by Becca that goes back 2 years back to how it all started to when the crime occurred. You come into Becca’s world of college and her 3 close friends. The dynamics of those friendships draws you into her world as well. Becca stress of upcoming tests and the lengths she will take to be in her father’s good graces.

The narration is also told by Kelsey as she takes the case and what she discovers. The cover-up of the family and the friends she makes while discovering the identity of Becca’s friends and who may have wanted to kill her.

Was it a surprise? Yes! and no. The yes keeps you going and the no keeps you intrigued. The social issues of (view spoiler)

Needless to say, I am looking forward to more of Charlie Donlea.

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Now That She’s Gone (Waterman & Stark, #2) by: Gregg Olsen

Now That She's Gone (Waterman and Stark, #2)Now That She’s Gone by Gregg Olsen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She did see the great value she could bring to the justice system. She could see the sad appreciation on the faces of those who wanted to know the why behind the unthinkable. Sometimes, she knew, the why wouldn’t be enough.

Forensic pathologist Birdy Waterman and sheriff’s detective Kendall Stark work well together as they bring justice to their little town in Washington State. Kendall has compassion and no patience for those of the Narcissistic kind. Her compassion comes from her Autistic son and her lack of patience from seeing justice denied. Her lack of patience is about to be tested when she is required by her boss to do a reality show on a cold case involving the disappearance of a local girl. It becomes personal when the cold case and the escape of Brenda Nevins collide.

Narcissism is the key word for this thriller and it comes in all kinds using everything in its power to make itself known. That being said, this is a free for all when it comes to anything goes. Kendall’s character brings it home in pursuit of righting a wrong and having faith that it can be right.

A real page turner with twists and turns and cliff hanger! Looking forward to the next installment!

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The Lost Codex (OPSIG Team Black #3) by Alan Jacobson

The Lost Codex (OPSIG Team Black #3)The Lost Codex by Alan Jacobson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Herein lies the problem. The two-state solution is a western construct, a foreign concept to the Middle Eastern culture

A political thriller that brings 4 agents together, FBI profiler Karen Vail, Special Forces veteran Hector DeSantos, and FBI terrorism expert Aaron Uziel, and Palastininan Fahad. After attacks in DC, their mission starts to find the cells and prevent another attack. However, in their pursuit, they discover the real mission of the terrorist Humat lies in the Codex text. (view spoiler) In essence the text will becomes a weapon that will force a two-state solution. The mission changes for the 4 to find the text and to determine who is faithful to own the ancient text.

This was fast read taking actual tensions and making sense of the Middle East Crisis. Is it believable? For me yes and no. Yes the crisis is real and no view spoiler. I enjoyed the banter between the agents and Vail’s commentary (the talking to herself). The tension becomes about who can you trust and can you trust their motivation. From fellow agents to the President of the United States does peace become possible. Is it a fight that is realistic?

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