Find Her (Detective DD Warren #8) by: Lisa Gardner

Find Her (Detective D.D. Warren, #8)Find Her by Lisa Gardner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Humans are interesting, however. Our ability to adapt is truly impressive. Our rage against our own suffering. Our relentless need to find a way out, to do something, anything, to advance our lot in life.

The adrenaline rush on this read is why I read. I can only imagine it is liken to jumping out of an airplane and realizing my chord is not working and falling a free fall with a safe landing only hundreds of feet left. That is what I felt and my heart is still going crazy. It is character study of survival. Flora Dane is a survivor. Or is she a loco? Or is she a vigilante? She is not a victim.

Flora Dane was your average college student. On spring break she was taken by Jacob Ness who had broken her down and rebuilt Flora in 472 days. First by putting her in a coffin, abusing her; changing her name and having her call him by her father’s name. It is brutal. But getting Flora back to her family was more devastation than the actual abduction. It was because getting her back was realizing that her family lost her after all. Flora is still surviving. She is on the hunt for other lost women that have disappeared. She is on a mission to balance the scale.

Agent DD Warren is called to a crime scene where Dane 5 years later has killed a man that has taken her just like Ness, but this time she fought back. Is this the man who has taken other missing women in Boston? Warren is mystified on Dane’s story and what her real story is. Warren realizes that Dane is not the normal distraught victim and it is troubling.

The narration starts with Dane’s abduction and how she gets in the zone to survive. Long ago I learned to separate my mind from my body, my emotions from my pain… This descriptive narrative is gripping as Dane’s fight for survival is all to real. The narration goes back in forth in time from when Dane’s abduction occurred, the relationship between Dane and Jacob, her freedom from Ness and finally her obsession to find other missing women. The narration also includes Warren’s investigation as she discovers the truth about Dane and about herself.

This can be a stand alone and does well as one however; I am under the assumption that in previous books, Warren had a shift of her job as a private detective and because of that she has had a loss of self. The two women find themselves and their sense of identity as they come together to find the high profile missing women.

I am a fan!

A Special Thank You to Penguin Group Dutton and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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