What Can We Know About God by: R.C. Sproul

What Can We Know about God?What Can We Know about God? by R.C. Sproul
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The ultimate truth is the truth of God, and that He is the foundation and source of all other truth. Everything we learn-economics, philosophy, biology, mathematics-has to be understood in light of the overarching reality of the character of God.

Before I begin this review, I had finished this text yesterday and found out that Dr. R.C. Sproul passed away at the age of 78. I have with great anticipation enjoyed his studies and teaching of our Lord and savior. Dr. Sproul does not pit truth against grace or grace against truth. He is one of the most balanced teachers and authors we have and he will be sorely missed. He does not claim to know all that there is about the will of God but he does give solid parameters and always leads others to God’s word. He does not add or take away. With that said, I hope these new series will bring others to the knowledge of God and his plan of redemption.

What can we know about God? Plenty and I like that this book packs much in the 44 pages. It lays a foundation in seven chapters.

Knowledge of God
One in Essence
Three in Person
Incommunicable Attributes
Communicable Attributes
Will of God

Several chapters struck out to me one being the trinity. The importance of the trinity to our faith is critical because of the relationship aspect. The trinity keeps Christianity from just being a religion to a living way of life based on relationship of give, respond, and sacrifice. The good of the other

The other two chapters were the communicable and the incommunicable attributes. The communicable attributes are those that we as Christians can fight for such as justice and righteousness. I use my own word “fight” as at times this can be a struggle. But it in these attributes we have true reconciliation with God and with others. No matter what are differences are.

I highly recommend.

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Sing a New Song: A Women’s Guide to the Psalms by: Lydia Brownback

Sing a New Song: A Woman's Guide to the PsalmsSing a New Song: A Woman’s Guide to the Psalms by Lydia Brownback
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

With Psalms our weaknesses become God’s strength.

Helplessness becomes confidence because God hears his cries
Distress becomes peace because God is his protector
Fear becomes trust because God has promised to save him.
Anguish becomes peace because God sustains him.

I loved this devotional thru the Book of Psalms. Going thru all 150 Psalms with a theme, harmony, and how we live in tune to the word of God. It ends with the Musical notes of God’s grace as he draws us near to him.

Each Psalm rightly orients our thinking “upward” rather than “inward”. We cannot correctly know and understand God if we are the focus, however, in our pain and our emotions, we can know and experience God’s promises of salvation and transformation. Just as many of the writers of Psalms experienced such as David and Moses. These were not perfect men and today’s world would be crucified by the media. However, their cries of help and seeking God’s mercy thru repentance is rare. Brownback goes further with scripture upon scripture and God’s attributions of each Psalm. Some of it is repetitive, however, our pain can be as well.

I do believe that men would greatly be encouraged by this devotion as well. I highly recommend this to be read along with your reading of the Psalms. I was greatly encouraged.

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I, Eliza Hamilton by: Susan Holloway Scott

I, Eliza HamiltonI, Eliza Hamilton by Susan Holloway Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

They have not reckoned with me. I will make sure my husband and his achievements are not forgotten. I will see that he receives all the honor that is his due, and that he will always be remembered by the country he loved and served so well. I, Eliza Hamilton, will do that: for the best of husbands, the best of fathers, and the best of men; my Alexander.

Such a wonderful written account of historical fiction. In the words of Eliza Hamilton, the wife of Alexander Hamilton, one of the founding fathers, she shares her story of how she met and ultimately loved her husband thru many tribulations. This gives history a different take from a woman that stood by her husband and her country. You never really think about the men and women who started this great country and the sacrifices they made. You hear of it but to read of it, it gives understanding of what true sacrifices where given and the passion that was shared.

You also read that much as not changed in the political forum. The ruin of reputations and the power plays and what serving your country really entails.

Ms. Scott is a talented writer in that she gives emotion to a part of history that it would do well for all to remember where hence we came from. There is connection to the characters and to the birth of a great nation. Highly recommend.

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Lee and Grant at Appomattox by MacKinlay Kantor

Lee and Grant at AppomattoxLee and Grant at Appomattox by MacKinlay Kantor
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The McLean’s family land was where the first of the civil war began. Moving away 150 miles away to avoid the battles, the family ended up at Appomattox where Grant and Lee signed a peace agreement that ended the civil war.

A short account filled with actual photos and accounts of the last few days of the war. If you are a history buff, you will appreciate the those photos and insights to the war that are not in the average history books. Grant and Lee were respected leaders and during the peace process, had the utmost respect for each other. Desiring for healing and the country to move forward united. This is a great source for anyone desiring to know the history and the men behind the history.

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The Proving by: Beverly Lewis

The ProvingThe Proving by Beverly Lewis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forgiveness is not about forgetting the past, it is about moving forward.

Amanda Dienner five years ago abruptly left her Amish home in Lancaster County. Leaving her twin sister and her widowed mother to run a Bed and Breakfast that the family acquired after the death of her father. Amanda is living in Kansas, working with a young couple as a florist. When hard times forces the couple to let Amanda go, she must find work or move to where she can make a living. Within weeks of still searching for a job, she receives a letter from her brother informing her the death of mother and the inheritance of the B&B. There are stipulations with the inheritance and that being she must run it for a year- A proving of herself and after a year, she can sell it. Amanda is with anxiety in seeing her sister and being received by the Amish community. The hurt and betrayal she had endured by her own twin sister and the misunderstanding she had with her mother. She must decide if she can go back without her heart in it.

She does go back and the development of the plot and her character is helped with those that come into Amanda’s life. The clientele of the inn that loved Amanda’s mother and the Amish way, the young woman who is candid with Amanda regarding her standing with the Amish and her own sister whom she fired day one arriving to take over the B & B. In the proving, she comes to find what is important and what is worth fighting for. That forgiveness is a process that must be dealt with for healing. The process gives the reader tears and hope! Loved this one

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Two Nights by: Kathy Reichs

Two NightsTwo Nights by Kathy Reichs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sure, I’m damaged. I live alone with no permanent phone or internet account. I have a scar I refuse to fix. I dislike being touched and have a temper that’s my own worst enemy. I use icy showers and grueling workouts to escape stress and trick my brain into making me feel strong. Yeah I have my crazies, but I’ve managed to cling to my identity. To not lose myself.

Sunday Night is a complex character in this thriller. Even though she isolates herself from everyone, she connects to others in her drive to find justice. If not for herself, for those she has been hired to find. Her service has been requested by a grandmother seeking to find her granddaughter who was taken by terrorist in Chicago. Her grandson and daughter were killed in the terrorist attack in a apparent attack against a Jewish school.

Night goes to Chicago looking for clues and finds trouble. The kind of trouble that gets you killed.
This is the best kind of thriller where it is both plot and character driven. The surveillance that Night does to bring out the terrorist and to protect herself is detailed and quite thrilling. You are kept on your toes and your fingers are turning the next page.

There are unforgettable characters in this one as well which builds upon the plot and the development of Night’s own character. I was totally entertained with this one.

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Meditations on the Trinity: Beauty, Mystery, and Glory in the Life of God by: A.W. Tozer

Meditations on the Trinity: Beauty, Mystery, and Glory in the Life of GodMeditations on the Trinity: Beauty, Mystery, and Glory in the Life of God by A.W. Tozer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The early fathers in the church, in illustrating the trinity, pointed out that God the eternal Father is an infinite God, and that He is love. The very nature of love is to give itself but the Father could not give His love fully to anyone not fully equal to Himself. Thus we have the revelation of the Son who Is equal to the Father and of the eternal Father pouring out His love into the Son, who could contain it, because the Son is equal with the Father! Further those ancient wise men reasoned, if the Father were to pour out His love on the Son, a medium of communication equal both to the Father and to the Son would be required, and this was the Holy Ghost! So we have their concept of the Trinity-the ancient Father in the fullness of His love pouring Himself through the Holy Ghost. Who is in being equal to Him, into the Son who in being equal to the Spirit and to the Father!

So much in the above statement! If you have trouble grasping with the concept of the trinity and the workings of the trinity, you will appreciate this text. A study, a encouragement and a revelation of who God is. Who can fathom!?? It is only by the trinity that we can truly know God. It is only by the trinity we can do the work of the church and in our own hearts.

It is sad and unfortunate that teaching of the trinity is sparse if not nonexistent, however, it is plumb line of our walk and what we worship. This is small sampling of Tozer’s writing on the Trinity so it will not overwhelm a reader but cause a reader to thirst for more of God. It gives knowledge and adoration of what God is doing and his glory.

The devotion is set up in 4 parts. Each part focus on the trinity with the last part focus on how the trinity works together. I highly recommend.

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