Isaiah (Everyday Bible Commentary Series) by: Alfred Martin

Isaiah (Everyday Bible Commentary series)Isaiah by Alfred Martin
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It is no accident that the name Isaiah means “The salvation of the Lord”. Men yearn for peace, but they will not acknowledge the hopelessness of their own efforts to achieve it. It is only when the word of the Lord goes forth from Jerusalem, when He Himself is reigning over the nations, that lasting peace will come. Disarmament will would be a foolish procedure for now for peace loving nations, because of the presence of greed and aggression in the world. When Christ reigns, the can be disarmament because he will enforce righteousness in the earth.

The book of Isaiah can be somewhat hard to grasp, but this short commentary puts Isaiah in perspective. In outline form, the reader is introduced to the purpose of the calling of Isaiah. “Send me Lord”. A call that was not well received among the people of God however, call us all to know him and be comforted. The main emphasis of the book of Isaiah is the judgment of God and the comfort of God. Two contrasting concepts however needed for our hearts to be bend toward him. Isaiah is the prophecy of Christ and the work of Christ.

Isaiah teaches the heart of those that that do not trust and put their dependence on the one who holds it together. It reminds us that the cross is not the great tragedy but the great victory. Death could not hold him. It is this power that we can put our trust in.

One of the things that I gleamed from this study is that I must bear the judgment so that I may know the comfort of the Lord. This study is a great resource for those that are encouraged by bible study. Highly recommend.

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Who Created It? Genesis 1 by Kay Arthur

Who Created It?: Genesis 1Who Created It?: Genesis 1 by Kay Arthur
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

God uses the Bible to teach us The Bible shows us WHO God is, WHAT He does, and HOW we can know Him and do what is right.

Many years ago after completing my first Kay Arthur bible study, I gleamed an appreciation for the bible and what it means to me. Redemption is God’s story and the studying the bible helps us to see and teach who God is and what he is doing. That He is faithful.

This bible study is geared to be done with your children. This is for young children and depending on your child’s limitations, I think you could start this bible study as early as 6 years old. Get your colored pencils out because your child will be learning WHY, WHO, WHAT – all in colored fashion and note taking markings. You child will learn how to study the bible.

With friends Cooper and Callie and their dog Kate, the adventure begins. This is an engaging study, using all your child senses. Each day ending with an activity to bring in the point of WHY, WHO, and WHAT. Now is a great time to get started learning the bible together!

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Your Marriage Today..And Tomorrow: Making Your Relationship Matter now and For Generations to Come by: Crawford W Loritts, Jr

Your Marriage Today. . .And Tomorrow: Making Your Relationship Matter Now and for Generations to ComeYour Marriage Today. . .And Tomorrow: Making Your Relationship Matter Now and for Generations to Come by Crawford W. Loritts Jr.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every marriage is a model and a message. Marriage is designed to say something, become something, and initiate something beyond where we are today and touching and shaping a future we will not experience. Marriage is about today and tomorrow. Marriage is intended to be a living, dynamic expression of the person and work of Jesus Christ (Eph. 5:22-33). It is intended to be an inviting model of what the power and love of Christ can do in transforming our lives and serving as a portrait and hope and encouragement. Marriage is the foundation and the cornerstone, for the family and future generations. In short, marriage is a mission. Marriage is the sacred conduit by and through which the image of God is passed on from one generation to the next. This implies at least two things. One, we have to be intentional in honoring God in our marriage and in how we raise our children. Second, this can be no causal pursuit.

Author Crawford W. Lorittis and his wife show thru scripture and their own experience how marriage can be missional. This goes without saying, however, that husband and wife must be on the same page or have the same goal to honor God in their marriage. In honoring God in their marriage, their children will be a byproduct of that intention. This does that not mean if we do everything right, that our children will follow God but we as parents have given our children an opportunity to know God and own their own faith. It is owning their own faith, that they to will pass on to the next generation of a missional marriage.

There must vulnerability and transparency in our marriage to be a safe place for us to grow in the Lord. Without it, we live in fear, hostility, isolation which is not from God. I like to think that our marriage displays the fruit of the spirit – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. It is in the fruit of the spirit where trust can take root and grow. God uses marriage to expose our weaknesses and to be transformed by humility and dependence.

The text gives a history of the authors own stories and how their marriage became a ministry. The struggles they faced and the needs of their spouses. The pitfalls we can fall into in our marriage but also the victory we can have in spite of our poor choices.

Such a great example of what a Godly marriage looks like, how we can practice humility and leave a legacy for future generations.

Highly recommend.

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Winter Snow Fun: God Gives us Friends When We’re Ready for Adventure by: Wendy Dunham

Winter Snow Fun: God Gives Us Friends When We’re Ready for AdventureWinter Snow Fun: God Gives Us Friends When We’re Ready for Adventure by Wendy Dunham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A cheerful heart is good medicine. Proverbs 17:22

An early reader book with colorful pictures for your child to experience fun in the snow. My own grandchildren will love the animal friends having fun in the snow from the anticipating a snow day to building a snowman, drinking hot cocoa and having a playful snowball fight with marshmallows.

A book to read with your children and to join in the fun or for your child to learn to read with their new animal friends. A delightful book.

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Don’t Believe It by: Charlie Donlea

Don't Believe ItDon’t Believe It by Charlie Donlea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Over this summer and through the next ten episodes, we will become intimate with this once-promising couple. We will learn the sad events that led to Julian Crist’s death on St. Lucia’s famed Sugar Beach, and we will meet the girl who loved him. We will work to understand her, to show you the events that molded Grace Sebold’s life and her on a quest to become a surgeon. We will also delve into the last decade of her life, which she has spent in a foreign correctional facility alongside other convicted murderers. We will learn her story. A story rife with baffling twists and bizarre revelations. A story told both from Grace’s perspective and from those responsible for convicting her. We will examine the evidence that put Grace behind bars and determine if it was based on science or fiction. This summer, we will look into the soul of Grace Sebold and finally discover the truth. I am Sidney Ryan, and this is The Girl of Sugar Beach.

This is my 3rd book of Donlea and I have to gush. He is just as good as Nicholas Spark and a John Grisham. He is in a league of his own. I think this is best one yet. The plot is driven by the characters and in this instance the narrative is crucial and a little bit of genius.

As you open to read, right away there is intensity. An unknown character is watching his victim and very intentionally kills him but something went wrong. The victim is planning a romantic spot for his soon to be finance. He has found the one and he is ready to share his life with Grace. They both have an exciting future ahead of them full of promise and good things. But it all comes to an end as he is attacked from behind and falls into the ocean.

Grace is now serving time in the Bordelais Correctional Facility. She has been there for 10 years for the murder of her finance Julian Crist. She has maintained her innocence and has written a letter to TV documentary reporter Sidney Ryan to help clear her name.

Sidney Ryan remembers Grace Sebold from school and upon receiving her letter asking for help, she goes to producers to pitch a show to document her finding of Grace Sebold and Julian Crist. This becomes the major narrative of this thriller. Sidney is motivated from a secret to find the truth in cases where the guilty maintains their innocence. Before she takes a case, she examines the facts and lets the evidence point to the truth. She is compelling in who she interviews and how it leads her to another lead. Her story of Grace takes hold and has a life of its own.

The characters and the relationships between the characters are compelling. You don’t know what to believe about Grace. What is she driven by? Passion, greed, or is she driven by empathy and devotion.

As the truth comes out, I did see it unfold but when it came to light I was still surprised by the intensity of emotions. My heart is still aflutter.

Loved it!

A Special Thank You to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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Redeeming Money: How God Reveals and Reorients Our Hearts by: Paul David Tripp

Redeeming Money: How God Reveals and Reorients Our HeartsRedeeming Money: How God Reveals and Reorients Our Hearts by Paul David Tripp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We need a brand new way of thinking about money, a way that is rooted in the gospel story and its narrative of the lavish grace of God, most powerfully pictured in the amazing gift of the Lord Jesus. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, God frees us from our bondage to ourselves (in terms of money, that means always starting with our interests and concerns) and he frees us to find our identity, meaning, and purpose in him. e calls us to embed our personal money stories in the larger generosity story of Scripture. This means resting in the fact that he has committed to provide everything we need (not want) and accepting that he calls us to be part of his mission of grace. So we view our money not primarily through the lens of personal provision, but through the lens of God’s generosity mission on earth.

We can have the best budget, make good money, have a righteous attitude in how we handle our money or be in despair in how we spend our money, all of this comes to the heart. What the heart wants, what the heart prides itself with is revealed in how we view money. How we spend it and how we make it. Tripp is one of my favorite bible teachers as he does not make it about the deed but about the heart. The desires of the heart. Jesus spoke more about money than he did about heaven and hell. Because the money leaves a trail of where our heart really is. I liked that is study is not only about the one who doesn’t handle money well but also the one who never has to worry about money. What it all comes down to who would be without all the gifts God has given to each of us.

There is a rescue and surrender aspect of money. We need to be rescued from the pull of money, the love of money and surrender our desires to what will be for eternity. The love of money is real to deny it will be disastrous. Tripp even admits that he himself struggles with this and it would do ourselves likewise. We deal with money every day. We are bombarded with living the good life now and keeping up with everyone else. Money makes a terrible God according to Tripp but money is not evil but the love of money can drive us to evil.

I highly recommend this read as it is not a list of things to do but more of list to be.

A Special Thank You to Crossway Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character by: Jen Wilkin

In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His CharacterIn His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character by Jen Wilkin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A better question for the Christian wanting to know God’s will for his/her life, is not what should I do but who should I be?

We are bombarded with what should we do. From our anxieties and fears to our hopes and dreams, we can get our hearts and minds in tizzy when it comes to knowing what God’s will is for our life. Knowing God’s will comes to not what we can do but who we are. Our example is of Christ on who we can be.

Jen Wilkin is one of my favorite teachers in bible study. She directs her readers to the root of the problem and redirects them to the solution. It does seem like pie in the sky to say Jesus is the solution, but it is more than just saying it, it is directing our hearts to Jesus. We cannot focus our actions without dealing with our hearts. If we are dealing with anger, we must deal with the root of our anger. If we are dealing with addiction, we must deal with the root of addiction. Not dealing with the root, will always lead us in circles and in despair.

The 10 Ways God Calls Us is a call to God’s attributions. Starting with his holiness It is from his holiness that all of his attribution are rooted in. His faithfulness his rooted in holiness. Wilkin gives scriptural definitions of God’s attributions and how we can emulate them. It is vital that we know his word to know him.

I was reminded of what agape love really means. It is unconditional because it is not met with a need. We can love with an agape love when we do not have the expectations of others meeting our needs. We can love freely. I can love my children but they do not meet my need of food, clothes and intimacy. We do need those to survive, however, it is important to see what the root of love really is. Is it a love based on need or meeting the needs of others. That is what makes love so complex. Loving others and God is part of the will of God and for our joy.

There is so much in this study and I highly recommend Jen Wilkin in general. She is solid bible teacher. She teaches with compassion and truth.

A Special Thank You to Crossway Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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