10671406_10101431414301404_931848623857823908_nI am the daughter of the King, a wife of one, a mother of two and sojourner going through the seasons of life.

You will find me in between pages reading a good book.


The longer version….Life is a journey and a process…I have my baggage and some of it I still carry.  Married since 1985 and have grown thru my marriage.  It has brought many gifts but the best of them are our two daughters.  I have definitely learned the love of God from them.   As I have matured in a matter of speaking, I want to learn to enjoy my family.  I do believe that is a learned trait.  It seems that distraction, busyness and worry can keep us from joy and the joy of others.


My journey with my blog is to share books and Sunday Gatherings.





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  1. Dear Jeanie,

    I recently published my first novel through Troubador/Matador entitled AHOY FOR JOY. You can find out more on google, but the story is basically the tale of a boy from Belfast who meets a Dutch girl while on holiday in the late 1970s. They start a pen pal relationship and both greatly influence the other, but ultimately the conflict of the day prevents them from meeting again. To date, sales seem very slow and I was reviewing why this might be, so I was checking out Kathryn Hughes’ The Letter, which seems to have done rather well. Anyway, I was reading a few of the reviews to see what people were saying, and I came across one by you and clicked through to your website.

    I note the Christian influence. When writing a story set in Northern Ireland, it would be difficult to avoid any direct reference to the religions of the people there, however I kept this very much as an observation and not central to the lives of any of the key characters. Still, as the story unfolds, it can be seen that the Lord lives and is at work in the lives of all those involved and that the virtues of love and forgiveness are eternal.

    Actually, although I grew up in Northern Ireland (hence I had the knowledge to write), I live in England, on the South Coast (Poole) but the book was launched in Belfast in November last year. I am pleased to say we generated quite a bit of publicity and I was interviewed by a number of newspapers. One was for a Christian feature in ‘the Newsletter’ (if you google it, it should come up). The journalism was a bit weak, but they asked me to mention a Christian who had really influenced my life. The man I mentioned was called Martin Oliver. Martin had helped me through a very rough patch about 20 years ago when I was unemployed. I hadn’t seen him for many, many years and so when I returned to England, I set about looking him up. He had retired many years before and was not so easy to find, but I eventually tracked him down through his Church. We arranged to meet just before Christmas, but unfortunately his wife took ill and we rescheduled for the beginning of January. In the morning of the day, I sent an email, just to check things were still OK. His daughter replied to say that he had fallen ill over Christmas and was in hospital, not expected to recover.

    Unfortunately I never got to see him, but he did get to read the article and knew he was in my thoughts and prayers. “What are the rewards for writing a book?” Well, maybe it’s the message it sends, but maybe it is also the way it brings people together. It would have been nice to see him again, but then, if it hadn’t been for the book, then perhaps he would have died without me even knowing. Instead, his daughter quoted some of my comments about him at the Service of Thanksgiving.

    Sorry, I realise I’m waffling now! Still, I am anxious that my story will reach a wider readership and so I’m hoping to get some people to write reviews for me on Goodreads, Amazon etc., as well as on their own sites. It would be great to get a few more readers in the US too. Though I say so myself, it is an original and charming story which, while sad in places has a few interesting twists, a little intrigue and a very uplifting ending. I think it might be a bit slow to start though and that might put a few off, so if you would elect to read it, please do give it a chance.

    I am more than happy to send you a free copy in paperback (signed of course) if you give me an address to send it to. Or else, you can download an ebook version. If you drop me an email, I can send you a sort of code to get a free version but must be used on an Apple device I’m told. In any case, it would be great to hear from you and I do apologise in advance for the unsolicited approach.

    Best Regards,
    Keith Reilly

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  2. Hi. I am an author of quite a number of Christian books which seek to address various topics affecting many believers life. Initially i gave them for free to those around me for a period of about 5 years, and now I think its time i make them available to the whole world. I chose Amazon since it is the most dorminant site with millions of members. However I have seen that for a book to be noticed on Amazon it must have several reviews. It is this reason why I am kindly asking for your honest reviews of my books. If you are intrested please let me know the format you want me to send you, and also provide me with an email address, and I will definitely send you a copy of each book. Thank you in advance, God bless you


  3. As someone who reads and reviews Christian books, you might enjoy in “Four in the Garden,” an allegory of one’s relationship with God as presented in a unique retelling of the Garden of Eden story. You can learn more at http://www.fourinthegarden.com. I would be happy to mail you a print copy if you would be interested in reading and reviewing it.


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