Reviewing Books

I. Love. to. Read! The books that attract me, make my heart sing, give me a skip to my walk, are books that reflect life, that encourage redemption and grace. In reading books of faith, grace and the love of God, I want to encourage others in their faith as well. To strengthen our hearts in the Lords goodness. I also like to read books that reflect the condition of the heart which at times can be dark, hurting and living in fear. Those books reflect the true condition of my heart as well and in doing so turns my heart to the lover of my soul. That satisfaction and peace only come from faith in Christ. Books tell a story and in telling a story we the reader become part of the story. Whether we cheer, cry, or disagree, we become bounded together for a brief moment as we reason, strive for understanding and as we live life.

In rating books, I am trying to save my 5 stars for books that deserve it and deserve to be read. That have raised the bar. That give life and hope. Theology is important to me because it reflects truth. Truth never changes and will remain true no matter what we want or believe.