The Sign and the Sacrifice by: Rowan Williams

The Sign and the SacrificeThe Sign and the Sacrifice by Rowan Williams
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There is our theological starting point. Believing in the resurrection is believing that the new age has been inaugurated, the new world has begun. And that the new world is, as we might put it, the final phase of the history of God’s relation with his people. So to say Jesus is risen is to say that we have now entered on the last days, the final decisive phase of God’s interaction with Israel and through Israel, with the whole world.

Such a gem in the study of the resurrection. If you are like me and have gone to church for any length of time, we know the resurrection has power and is the foundation of the Christian faith. This study goes even deeper of the significance of the resurrection with our relationship with others, God, the church, the end times and even prayer.

One of the things that blew me away which may not be significant for you is the reason why we worship on Sunday. I have heard because of Easter and the significance of Easter. But it goes even deeper than that. The resurrection implies new beginning. Sunday the first day of the week is a new beginning each and every week.

Along with the resurrection comes the cross. The cross encompasses sacrifice, victory and will take a lifetime to appreciate it’s true meaning. With both, we come to know the God of mercy and justice. Nothing as sweeter as that.

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