Included In Christ: Living a New Story from Ephesians by: Heather Holleman

Included in Christ: Living A New Story from EphesiansIncluded in Christ: Living A New Story from Ephesians by Heather Holleman
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Ephesians is living the salvation story together. We are included in Christ, together with one another, – chosen, seated, strengthened, renewed, filled, and proclaiming-and now we see our Savior Stories as the we participate in each other’s lives.

We can easily be stuck in living our life’s for Christ when we live in our Shadow narrative. In the shadow narrative is where you find isolation, despair, the denying of the truth of the word, delighting in sin, narcissism, and a disconnect from Jesus. The Savior narrative is where you find hope, healing connection, redemption and truth. Heather Holleman is a fantastic communicator that she builds a foundation of the two narratives. The Savior and the Shadow. With these two narratives, she poses questions that cause you to think where you are at within your walk (or where you are stuck) with Christ and brings truth and grace in harmony. Where so many times, one is pitted against the other.

The key words that are expounded in the book of Ephesians are included, chosen, seated, filled renewed, strengthened and proclaiming. Each of these key words build our faith as we come to understand and apply them in our own narratives in community. Using her own experience and other salvation stories, we can see the bible come alive for us as well. I highly recommend this one.

A Special Thank You to Moody Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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