Upon A Spring Breeze (Every Amish Season #1) by: Kelly Irvin

Upon a Spring Breeze (Every Amish Season, #1)Upon a Spring Breeze by Kelly Irvin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

But you believe. It doesn’t mean one has all the answers. No one as all the answers. Otherwise, we wouldn’t need faith. Faith is believing despite not having all the answers.

When tragedy strikes, you want the answer of why. Bess after losing her husband Caleb in a terrible accident struggles with the why. Their young marriage was solid and so full of hope and with the a baby on the way, full of promise. This sweet story is placed in my own state of Missouri and in the town of Jamesport which a couple of weeks ago my husband and I visited. Visiting and speaking with the Amish brought this particular story more personal. However, don’t we all struggle with faith and that God has something better?

Bess has the support of her husband family and Aidan who was Caleb’s best friend. Aidan has always had feelings for Bess but stepped aside when his friend pursued Bess. Now with Caleb gone, Aidan struggles with guilt on the death of his friend and how he can support Bess and the baby that is on its way.

When the baby does come, he reminds Bess so much of Caleb that she needs to find some type of purpose and finds a job with a local bed and breakfast. A attraction between the owners son and Bess blooms and her feelings for Aidan starts to be confusing. Each of these characters are being refined in where God would have them. I so appreciated the reminder for my own life.

A Special Thank You to Thomas Nelson, Zondervan and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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