Where Jasmine Blooms by: Holly S. Warah

Where Jasmine BloomsWhere Jasmine Blooms by Holly S. Warah
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cultural difference? Their marriage no longer contained two distinct cultures. They had each changed over the years, assimilating to the other, forming their own culture, neither American nor Arab, a sort of blend of the two. Yet that balance had been disrupted.

Told by three women of the same family, each searching or holding on to their identity. Zainab the mother of Arab sons who married American women. After the death of her husband now lives with her eldest son and his wife Margaret. Zainab desires for her family to go back to the Middle East. Her urgency creates tension for the family.

Margaret who has been married for twenty years and is happy living in suburbs in Seattle Washington. Their home is grand central station for her husband’s Arab family that she continues to resent. When her husband broadsides her with a move back to the Middle East, will she come to terms with her husband’s heritage that has been hers but now she must face.

Alison a student of the Middle East falls in love with Khalid and is brought into the family. Their marriage is quick and the fallout is even quicker as their relationship changes quite rapidly after marriage.

An enlighten read of the Arab culture and of the cry of the Arab people. It was not political read but more of culture, heritage and family.

A Special Thank You to Skyhorse Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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