Ebb Tide by: Beverly Lewis

The Ebb TideThe Ebb Tide by Beverly Lewis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ebb Tide is the time when the sea level falls, and the shore is revealed. In life, an opportunity arises where our hearts and desires are revealed and with patience and faith we wait to see what miracle can happen.

Sallie has always been curious. As an Amish young woman, she has put off her baptism to travel to Australia, however when a need a arises, she sacrifices her trip for something better. It is those times of sacrifices, we find other God-opportunities.

A young English family has requested that Sallie come with them to nanny their young daughter in their vacation home in the East Coast. Sallie is very drawn to this English family and with her parents consent and a conflicted heart, she sets out for another adventure that replaced her Australian adventure she had since she first read about Austria as a young girl.

On a visit to the beach, she meets Kevin who is a student studying to be biologist. They have more in common than first realized. Kevin’s mother came from Amish upbringing and Kevin feels a strong attraction to Sallie in her upbringing and the simplified life. Sallie is attracted to Kevin in that he represents her desire to know the glorious world that God has made. Their relationship starts as friends as they both discover a different worlds.

I loved the intertwining stories in this one. The family Sallie was caring for and their needs. The tension of remaining in the Amish community and what attracts others to the simple life of very little distractions. It was all brought together as the relationship between Kevin and Sallie grew. It also taught you about the why of some Amish culture that I had not read before.

A Special Thank You to Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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