An Amish Home by: Beth Wiseman; Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Ruth Reid

An Amish HomeAn Amish Home by Beth Wiseman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fear is the enemy’s way of separating us from God. With the Lord, there is nothing to fear. Each and every moment in our life is defined by God’s love.

If you have never tried an Amish read, I would invite you to try these short stories that display the Amish lifestyle but also our own hearts as each of these 4 stories did of what home really means. To me home is being at rest, having a place of refuge and acceptance. Many times, our homes are not like that but with faith and facing our fears, we can make a home a place of love and stability.

The 4 stories of home are as follow:

A Cup Half Full-Sarah and her husband face the fear of an accident that left her in a wheelchair. With mounting bills and Sarah’s struggle with what her life now means. The struggle of guilt and significance. I found this story heart-warming as they both come to realize the dark places of the heart is only lighted by the truth of the gospel.

Home Sweet Home – The story of Englishers; Mia and her husband Chase. Having being evicted from their home, an Amish family gives their family an opportunity to get back on their feet again. Mia and Chase are newly married with a young baby and both have come from a broken past. Mia’s wealthy parents have disowned Mia when she married Chase and have not seen their granddaughter. Chase coming from the background of foster care fights the battle of not being good enough. Together they weather the storm with the help of their Amish friends and learn to trust and make a home for themselves.

A Flicker of Hope – Noreen and Thomas did not have the blessing of the Noreen’s father when they first started dating. But when an accident forced the marriage, the insecurities of their love and home became evident. Most of their marriage they lived in loneliness, not trusting in the other’s love. When a terrible accident of a fire destroys their home, will it be the final thing that will destroy their marriage. A story of when tribulation brings us truly home.

Building Faith- This was probably my favorite story – a love story with misunderstanding, tension, and realization of wow I can’t live without him/her. Faith and Silias were engaged however; after the death of Faith’s grandfather, Faith broke her engagement to Silas without an explanation. Now they are brought back together with a building project. Faith loves to work with wood and follows the footsteps of her beloved grandfather. Silas is a carpenter by trade. When a young couple employees the both of them to work on the cabinets of their new home, they must decide if they can work together in spite of their differences and mistrust. Faith struggles with pride and Silias struggles with faithfulness. Together they learn of their weakness and in their weakness find strength. A life change in Silas changes him that Faith sees herself as she really is and together they build faith in each other.

A Special Thank You Thomas Nelson and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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