The Girl Who Was Taken by: Charlie Donlea

The Girl Who Was TakenThe Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Why forensic pathology? It was a question asked of Livia Cutty at each of her fellowship interviews. Generic answers might have included the desire to help families find closure, the love of science, and the craving to tackle the challenge of finding answers where others see questions. Livia Cutty had a story.

Livia’s story is her sister went missing and it is her hope and what drives her to find out what happened to sister. Livia has lived with the guilt of not taking a call from her sister Nicole on the night she went missing and her guilt comes into play when with each body that comes in. Will this be Nicole? Will I be able to find out what happened to her? Who did this to her? The answers come when a young man is pulled from the bay that looks like an attempted suicide. Further study, she determines that he was murdered and when he is identified, she finds out that he was seeing her sister and disappeared the same time her sister was taken. Her quest leads to Megan who was taken at the same time her sister was but was able to break free from her captors. Megan has no memory of what happened but is seeing a doctor to bring back the memories of what happened. Together they work to find out the why and the who and how many more.

Charlie Donlea tells a story well. He uses the same narration of his first book which for me as a reader, hooks me line and sinker. The intensity of the beginning just pulls you as Megan emotions are high in fear trying to escape from the monster that imprisoned her. The narration goes back in forth to present to what took place before the abduction to finding out who and why. There was some confusion and I think it was meant to be as the “monster” in his narration his battling with his mind and the awful desires that drive him. When the monster is revealed, it all falls into place. No giving anything away here. Anyways, Donlea delivers with his characters, plot and delivery. There was a few loose ends for me as to Megan’s mother but everything else was so good, I didn’t care. Highly recommend for those that love thrillers and page turners!

A Special Thank You to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the ARC and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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