12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You by: Tony Reinke

12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You by Tony Reinke
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If I am a social-media junkie, my lack of self-control feeds the social-media addiction in you. And the more I text and tweet and Snapchat, the more I drag you and others in the digital vortex of reciprocating obligation. This is the secret to how social media giants grow their valuation into the billions. They need me to entice you.

No matter what your stance on social media, what extreme you hold, it behooves us to know the implications of social media. This is not shame text but a text that will empower you to not be manipulated and to get back to reality of real relationships.

Social media traps our heart in ways that that our grandparents never had to deal with but I do think it reveals our hearts like no other generation as well. Not that we are worse generation before but that we are the same. Social media is a distraction that we need to control. In all things, there is good and evil and Reinke gives a great word on both.

He explains the challenge in the digital age is twofold.

On the external front: Are we safeguarding ourselves and practicing smartphone self-denial?
On the internal front: Are we simultaneously seeking to satisfy our hearts with divine glory that is, for now largely invisible?

Our insecurities are put in play with the social media world that we lose reality and become more narcissistic. Our need for validation, likes, applause does the opposite of what the gospel calls. This is a battle that WE all face.

The twelve ways:
We are addicted to distraction
We ignore our flesh and blood
We crave immediate approval
We lose our literacy
We feed on the produced
We become like what we like
We get lonely
We get comfortable in secret vices
We lose meaning
We fear missing out
We become harsh to one another
We lose our place in time.

I think this last presidential election really speaks to this. I think social media in all its efforts to grow love they have only grown hate. Not addressing that differences are good in our efforts to love another. This text is so needed for our time as Christians to fight for the gospel and those that do not see the beauty of the Gospel.

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