The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You to Handle Money by: Tommy Brown

The Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You To Handle MoneyThe Seven Money Types: Discover How God Wired You To Handle Money by Tommy Brown
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Only when we realize a right relationship to money entails a right relationship to God, ourselves, and others can we experience the well-being for which we long. Money then becomes a tool to achieve our desires and do good in the world. Money, in the biblical tradition is the raw material God uses to teach us to trust, to love, to serve one another, and to restore God’s creation.

Do we help others with our money or do we honor them? Is there a difference?

How we handle our money and what we think about money is a reflection on our emotional disciplines.

There are seven ways we can handle our money that is biblical. With the help of Old Testaments giants Abraham/hospitality; Isaac/discipline; Jacob/beauty; Joseph/connection; Moses/endurance; Aaron/humility; David/leadership. Each of these by example of strength and weakness can help us discover how to relate to our resources that give the Lord glory and keep us from our resources owning us.

The text starts with you taking a test of money type and also shows the shadow of your money type. Where you might get in trouble in how you handle or relate to money. This is the part that I found most interesting and I found true. I did have hard time with the “broad brush” of money types and the biblical characters. Money with experience and background makes how we relate to money very complex and not so easy to put a type to it. Fear and love is the driving force behind how we relate to money and is at the root of our money problems.

All in all, I think some would benefit from this read and others might want to pass.

A Special Thank You to Zondervan and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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