Between Heaven and the Real World: My Story by: Steven Curtis Chapman

Between Heaven and the Real World: My StoryBetween Heaven and the Real World: My Story by Steven Curtis Chapman
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We understand that we really are in the between heaven and the real world, living day to day with the sure hope of heaven before us. And we also know how important it is for us to show up in the here and now, where God has us today.

Some things I knew about Steven Curtis Chapman before I read his bio and leaves me a little biased; I love his music. I bought all his cd’s late 80’s and early 90’s. He depicts pure joy in his music and concerts. One of the things I discovered about him while reading his testimony is that his joy comes from his desire for others to know Jesus. What a lesson to learn. I also in 2005 got a chance to meet Mr. Chapman. He came to our church to talk about adoption. The church had a record number of families adopting from all over. Adoption just is a picture of the Gospel. My friend whose family adopted was a key a member of the ministry Adoption by Grace that Chapman was endorsing and lending his platform to the ministry. I was a little shy and star struck but I did get to say hello and Steven was gracious to all. I also remembered the day that his daughter was killed. Our church mourned for him and prayed for his family. One of the things that struck me was Steven’s resolve. His son in a terrible accident had run over his younger sister and what Steve said that still gives me chills. “I will not lose two of my kids today”. His fear that his son would blame himself the affect of that guilt could kill a heart. I would always think of that phrase and how it applies to us as parents that our children need our love and our affirmation daily.

Chapman does have a story that I am glad he shared. His story can be your story with a few changes here and there but the main thing that we all can relate to is brokenness. Chapman shared his brokenness that was in his family and in himself. His insecurities and his desire to fix and please others. He also shared how his brokenness came into his marriage along with his wife’s battle with depression. The commitment they shared to be in it together and how they both fought for the other.

You also got a taste into their family life in raising children and how they came into the call of adoption. With that call of adopting 3 girls from China and finally what the family went through as their daughter tragically died. The hope that they found in “messages” from God and the prophetic messages that their daughter Marie had given. It really is a book of hope!

A Special Thank You to Revell and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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