Making Marriage Beautiful: Lifelong love, Joy, and Intimacy Start With You by: Dorothy Littell Greco

Making Marriage Beautiful: Lifelong Love, Joy, and Intimacy Start with YouMaking Marriage Beautiful: Lifelong Love, Joy, and Intimacy Start with You by Dorothy Littell Greco
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The gradual transformation of our inner landscapes allows us to embrace each other in our flawed states and offer an imperfect, yet oh-so-sweet, love. it’s mysterious but true that the very process of loving sacrificially leads to transformation, not only in the lover but also in the one loved.

Making marriage Beautiful is doing marriage sacrificially. It is the same way in living the gospel beautifully, sacrifice. In relationships, there is always a sacrifice. We can sacrifice our sinful desires for our families. It is always a choice. This marriage book focuses on sacrifice of the Godly kind that brings glory to God and transformation to us. Marriage is the example of the Gospel because of the relationship and how we respond to each other. Are we selfish or do we serve?
Our marriage reveals the image of God to the world.

In our marriages we go thru seasons of life- things get hard, live is not fair. Do we focus on what is fair or what is obedient? Because marriage is so much like the gospel, we must always have a attitude of repentance and grace. Is our marriage of redemption or a prison?

The text covers many things that can bring despair to a marriage. Expectations, listening well, addictions, enabling and forgiveness, and our childhood. Each of these items, goes into detail how it can be destructive and how we can take each of these items to make opportunities for making our marriages beautiful that reflect the gospel. Highly recommend.

A Special Thank you to David C Cook and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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