Jesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son-Collected insights From A. W. Tozer

Jesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son--Collected Insights from A. W. TozerJesus: The Life and Ministry of God the Son–Collected Insights from A. W. Tozer by A.W. Tozer
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The redemptive work of Christ is the work of his birth, his death, and his resurrection to the right hand of God.

If you are a fan of Tozer, you will be encouraged by his insight in the work of Christ. Tozer does not go on rabbit trails but with clarity and focused teaching to scripture a student of Christ will benefit from Tozer’s work.

Some teachers I follow do not teach or leave out the work of Christ to the nation of Israel. Tozer does not. He believes strongly in the future glory of Israel and how the Lord will and still uses the nation of Israel to bring the whole world to himself.

Tozer is also not about self-improvement, social, etc gospel but how God changes our moral situation. God suffered so we may cry out have mercy on us…that is what changes our moral situation.

Tozer writes as he writes to a friend. With warning, encouragement and the truth of the Gospel. he brings to light the work of Christ so that we may be transformed and know the deep love of God thru the Gospel.

A Special Thank You to Moody Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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