Book to Screen Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

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We are all bullied. And we are all bullies. It’s kind of the fact of high school (or let’s face it–life). Everyone knows this, yet we all choose to ignore it. Another inconvenient truth.

After finishing rereading and watching the new Netflix series, Th1rteen R3asons Why, I feel sad. I want the world to change. More importantly, I want me to change.

What I loved about this TV series is that not only did it go through each tape that Hannah left without leaving any details (although some details were changed around), it went into a lot of detail about the aftermath of her suicide. We got to understand the “reasons” a little bit better that way, allowing us to see that the bullies are not always easy to recognize. And sometimes the bullies are bullied.

Honestly, I don’t want to write a whole lot about this. This was…

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4 thoughts on “Book to Screen Review: Thirteen Reasons Why

  1. I’ve been thinking about watching this, but was put of because I think it rated 18, and their often too violent for me, but a after reading this I will give it a go!


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