Slender Reeds: Jochebed’s Hope by: Texie Susan Gregory

Slender Reeds: Jochebed's HopeSlender Reeds: Jochebed’s Hope by Texie Susan Gregory
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She picked up the basket she had been weaving and began to work. Mama’s hands were never still. “Only the weaver knows what the basket will become. It is after it’s finished that others see the beauty and purpose. When you began to weave your first basket, you told me the spokes were ugly-that you didn’t want them to be in your basket, remember? You were afraid the spokes would ruin it. Now you know that without the spokes, the basket cannot take shape. The part that at first seems the ugliest is really the strength. The reeds you choose and the work you do before it looks like a basket determines how it will be used.”

What kind of faith does it take for a mother to send her infant son down the Nile with danger lurking everywhere? The danger of croc’s, snakes and the Egyptians themselves. Jochebed, the mother of Moses had that kind of faith. This historical account gives the reader context of what life was like for the Jewish families under bondage and the superstitions of the Pharaoh of Egypt.

It brings in a character Shiprah that is parallel to Jochebed. Shiprah is a wet nurse that is part Jewish and Egyptian. Her life is tied to Jochebed’s family that brings a connection on how the Lord works good things for those that love Him. Each of these women suffer insecurities that help them deepen their faith in who God is and their purpose for His will.

There are lessons for us to learn from the faith of Jochebed and how those lessons connect us to the love of the father. Where we can learn to trust without knowing all the answers. When we question is God really at work in the darkness.

A Special Thank You to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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