The Marriage Lie by: Kimberly Belle

The Marriage LieThe Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Honesty. Trust. We see what we want to see. We gather information, use it or ignore it to shape our own beliefs, to make our own choices, to withhold love or to give it freely.

Does one lie negate seven years of marriage? Iris find out when she is informed her husband Will was killed in a plane accident going to Seattle – He was suppose to be on a plane to Florida. That was what the flyer said. Will was suppose to speak at a seminar at a hotel. That is what the flyer said.

Iris and Will by all accounts are crazy for each other. Instead of saying I love you, they affirm that there is no one else. “That you are my one and only. You are my favorite”. They have just purchased a new home that they cannot afford ready to fill it with children. They are excited about each other, about the life that they share. Iris’ world comes crashing down when the Airlines contacts her and tells her that her is husband is now dead. She can’t believe it. As a school counselor, she is overwhelmed with every emotion. Her family pulls together, her twin brother and parents to help her thru this tragedy.

With encouragement from her brother, they go to Seattle to find answers about Will and why he was on his way there. It is there, Iris realizes she never knew her husband and can’t understand why he kept this part of his life a secret. Another words he lived a lie. When a stranger approaches Iris that claimed to be a good friend to a Will, she is left with more questions than answers. Her quest for answers becomes dangerous when threatening texts tell her she will be next.

The plot centers around how well we truly know someone and what they are capable of. Iris had to determine where her loyalties laid and what she could truly live with.

A Special Thank You to Harlequin and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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