The Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in Marriage by: Stephen Arterburn

The Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in MarriageThe Mediterranean Love Plan: 7 Secrets to Lifelong Passion in Marriage by Stephen Arterburn
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The greatest wealth is to be content with little. Beware the barrenness of a busy life. Passion, it seems, needs space to grow. We as couples may need to do less, detach more, simplify our lives where we can so that we have the margin needed to deeply nourish ourselves and our marriages, in all the meanings of that word. Marriage is a living, breathing thing. Feed it, nourish it, and it will gladden your heart and bless your life with ever increasing passion and joy. Neglect or abuse it, and love will shrivel and die.

It is easy for the passion to go out of a marriage. The passion that speaks in this book is the passion for life. To grow, to learn, to experience and to know each other in a deeper level. The author knows that some marriages require counseling and warns that more help may be needed but needless to say, he offers direction for couples that desire something deeper. He also affirms a biblical marriage and the good of sex in a biblical marriage. His insight is encouraging and needs to be shared among couples that may have lost some of their passion.

The teaching of the text takes the reader on a trip to the Mediterranean. Each country offers a look at what passion might look like.

Attunement-Rome is engaging. How do we engage with our partner? Do we control or manipulate? How do we speak to each other and express love? Is their honor, interest, affection? When we are engaged with each other, there becomes an attitude of thanksgiving. With thanksgiving, passion blooms.

Playfulness-The Spaniards are known for their enthusiasm. Do we know how to have fun with each other? Laughter and play take away resentments and isolation. In playfulness we learn to trust each other. Playfulness encourages us to enjoy each other. To be enjoyed is a great gift that we can give each other.

Savoring food-The French know how to enjoy food and prepare. Having a meal together binds us together like none other. Eating brings out passion. Savoring food keeps the focus on what really matters when done correctly. When it becomes about consumerism, the McDonalds and junk food, we lose a hunger for real food.

Enjoying Beauty-The Mediterranean countries display beauty in many forms just as a marriage with passion. When we appreciate beauty it lights a passion deep within us. A beautiful sunrise, a majestic mountain view, a relationship that survives thru pain and victory. This was my favorite chapter. Probably because this is my husband’s strongest point and the author went deeper into how God gifts us with all things beautiful. My favorite quote Beauty made you love, and love made you beautiful. Beauty inspires.

The Secret of Creativity- Art and love go together in Parie. Creativity sparks passion and boredom extinguishs hope. Creativity together gives purpose.

The Secret of Health and Longevity-The Greeks are rich in community, laughter, friends, and family. (watch My Fat Greek Wedding) There are some definite good insights with this chapter. The importance of exercise and to keep moving is vital to keeping our passion in our marriages. It is also good for brain health as well.

The Secret of Blending the Sacred and the Sexual-The Jewish culture is rich in the art of blending the scared with the committed relationship of marriage and sex. This chapter was rich in the gift of sex and the most interesting was the Jewish Rules for Sex that may surprise you. The #1 – it is all about her…because when it’s all about her Perhaps because if a woman is delighted with and enjoying lovemaking, the man will automatically be ecstatic ..another words when the wife is happy, the whole family is happy. There was a handful of rules that were honoring to the marriage and made the wife queen. Sex not only gives pleasure in a marriage but when done with a high view, it gives us joy in our gender roles. It makes a man happy to be man and woman joyful to be a woman.

The author shares his personal relationship with his wife all through these chapters and at the end of each chapters give bullet items that can encourage you with each step of passion. This book is ideally read by couples but if your spouse is not on board, you can still gleam valuable insight to share with your spouse in deed. Marriage is a journey to be shared with passion. Highly recommend.

A Special Thank You to Zondervan Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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