The Stage Is Set: Israel, The End Times, and Christ’s Ultimate Glory by: Bryant Wright

The Stage Is Set: Israel, the End Times, and Christ's Ultimate GloryThe Stage Is Set: Israel, the End Times, and Christ’s Ultimate Glory by Bryant Wright
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Is the world better off than it was 100 years ago, 1000 years ago? In some ways, the advancement of medicine, industry, economical, education, etc. it is but with those advancements, we very well have new crisis. Many people think with the right outside conditions – better pay, food and water, education for all, the world will be kinder. But it is not the conditions that takes this world in chaos, it is what is in every human heart. We wrestle with God and his design. We want to become our own little gods. With the sexual revolution and how we view life, our hearts are from God. Marriage is desecrated and life is easily thrown away.

Revelation is an encouragement to those that accept what is wrong and by faith in what Christ has done receive the good news of the Gospel. It is also a warning for what is to come. An understanding of Christ’s purpose and who God is becomes critical for us to take these warnings to heart and not as though God is some egotistical being. God is the essence of love and for love to be true there must be justice and a recognition that we are not deserving of the mercy from a holy God. It is then we can respond in thankfulness and love. How do you respond?

The seven churches represent actual churches when John wrote Revelation but it also reflects the churches today. In America, the church may be in trouble and has lost its lampstand but it is also in my opinion an opportunity to shine.

The insight of the end times in regards to Israel reflects the anti-Semitism we see today. Why all the anti-Semitism? The radical criticism of the very existence of Israel and the link between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The author went in-depth of how anti-Semitism plays a role in the end times and how we as Christians must respond.

Some quotes that I found profound.

The restraint on evil is lowered when the church mirrors culture more than it transforms culture, because it covers up the light that Jesus wants us to be.

If you struggle with the book of Revelation, I would urge you to pick up this book. It is insightful and balanced and brings forth the many views that are held when it comes to the End times as well as the authors and why he holds on to these views. I highly recommend.

A Special Thank You to Baker Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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