This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel by: Trevin Wax

This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the GospelThis Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel by Trevin Wax
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Here’s why experiencing God’s love matters for the fortifying of Christian faith and witness in our day. If you fail to get this truth deep down into your heart, if you fail to recognize God’s unfailing, unchanging love for you no matter your circumstances, you will not be able to represent Him well in exile. The only way you will ever be able to withstand the hatred of the world is if you are immersed in the love of God. The only way you will ever be able to live without the approval of others is if you are assured of God’s approval of you IN Christ. “Lord you have been our refuge in every generation. Psalm 90

What an encouraging word from Trevin Wax. With clarity, he displays a better way. Encourages his readers to display a better way of the gospel.

Eight chapters where the myths of this generation can either find you wishing for the past or fearing for the future.

The Phone Is A Myth-Teller-What our cell phones say about us and about our culture. Looking at teenagers and I would have to say adults as well, our phone becomes a literal life line. Or so we would like to believe. There is a better way.

Hollywood is After Your Heart – How do we become faithful in the world of entertainment? How Hollywood is political and uses the telling of a story to capture our longings for what is false. Stories shape the world and the culture and how we have become desensitization to what is evil. That we scorn what is of God and celebrate what is evil. The question becomes what is the better way when it comes to our desires? How Christians can tell a better a story.

The North Pole and the Pursuit of Happiness-This profound quote What am I anymore if I’m not this? If you are successful, what happens when you fail? If you are beautiful, what happens when your beauty fades? If you are influential, what happens when you are scorned? What does faithfulness look like in our pursuit of happiness? What does it look like compared to others. What is your following? There is a better way. A better pursuit. I loved this quote “See your life as a journey in which you were rescued from your falleness, not affirmed in it. See your life as a journey in which are being remade in the image of God so that the ever deepening discovery of His grace and goodness is the defining marker in your life, not your own self-discovery. And as you lean forward, straining toward the North Pole, you know you aren’t meant to be satisfied and happy with yourself as you are now; you’re embracing the vision of who God is making you to be!”

Shopping for Happiness-A look of what you throw away tells us about where our heart is. Consumerism is about you. How do you find a better way? By serving as Jesus served. The focus should be in the church of what Jesus has done and not about comfort and entertainment.

Never At Home in the City of Man-Politics has become the new religion. Where ideals become the driving force for change. There is a better way. We cannot become obsessed about what Government can do to the church but we need to concerned about compromise and complacency in the body of believers. Are we concerned about our own hearts? We know the laws don’t change the heart but receiving the grace of God and looking to Him softens the heart to do what is right and to life by faith.

Marriage Matters/ Sexual Rebel The sexual revolution. We now can say we have seen it all. Why does marriage matter? – Because it shows a better way. When the world embraces and glorifies same sex attraction and gender identity but scorns biblical application, what can Christians do? Be faithful to what marriage really is. Not to get but to give. Marriage is not consumerism. I loved this quote Marriage is not just a relationship but also a responsibility. Marriage involves our expression of love but it also includes your contribution to the world to create a haven where your family is stable, where your children know both their mother and father, where trust is granted and love is displayed. Where two broken people are redeemed by the gift of marriage just as we are redeemed by the gift of the gospel.

As the World Wobbles-The world is always in a crisis. We can fear the future or wish for the past but each does not grasp the gospel. It is being faithful who God is and his promises. It is looking at eternity and not the now.

Each of these chapters remind us of a better way. A focus of the main thing. And that it still matters. Trevin has a unique background of faith serving in Romania and it is serving there, he brings perspective to the time we are living. It is during the oppression of God’s people, that God moved the hearts of men and I believe that He is moving our hearts as well.

A Special Thank You to B & H Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.


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