Humility: The Secret of Ingredient of Success by: Pat Williams

Humility: The Secret Ingredient of SuccessHumility: The Secret Ingredient of Success by Pat Williams
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We all have strengths and weaknesses, and cooperation involves meshing those strengths and weaknesses in a complementary way. If we let our egos get in the way of ability to cooperate, teamwork will suffer and we’ll fall flat on our faces. But if we practice humility, if we humbly supply what each other lacks, we’ll became an unbeatable team.

I was not aware of Pat William’s career since I don’t follow basketball but I have to say I would like to know more about him. Humility is a valuable virtue when it comes to relationships and as a life skill. We can have a “fake” humility and that is well described in the text as well. However, what is it like to have a life of humility? It is putting others first and thinking less of your own needs. Humility is something that needs to be practiced in all areas of life.

The text has eight chapters and they are the following.

The Price of Arrogance, the Rewards of Humility
A Short History of Humility
Humility as a Business Asset
Genuine Humility – or Just an Act?
Humble Confidence-Striking the Right Balance
Humility as a Communication Style
Hire the Humble
Humility-a Learnable Skill

All these chapters offer examples of sport figures, world leaders, and those that Williams has known in his career.

Some of the quotes that I found inspiring.
A humble leader builds a culture of humility-and organizations of humility can achieve great things.

Don’t let failure go to your heart and don’t let success go to your head.

A truly humble person won’t try to impress you, manipulate you, judge you, criticize you, or put in your place. Humble people are safe to be around. You can relax . You can be yourself. Humility is a gift we give to other people. Ironically, arrogance makes us seem small and pathetic. Humility is what makes people great.

Humility frees you to give others your best and to be free of self where fear resides and bitterness grows. I highly recommend this read for business, leaders, and those that wish to have a better of grasp of what humility looks like.

A Special Thank You to Barbour Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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