The Deity of Christ: A John MacArthur Study Series by: John F. MacArthur, Jr

The Deity of Christ: A John MacArthur Study SeriesThe Deity of Christ: A John MacArthur Study Series by John F. MacArthur Jr.
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The Christian faith is not theoretical or abstract; it is rooted in the practical truth that God became man in the Person of Jesus Christ

Who do you say is Jesus? A good man, a prophet, a good teacher….Jesus is so much more and that being so; it is important what you believe to be true about who Jesus is.

The text comes in three parts. The Divine Glory of Christ, The Divine Authority of Christ, and the Divine Claims of Christ.

The Divine Glory of Christ answers the question correctly about who Jesus is. In regards to creation and the first Adam, Jesus became the first born and it is his work of salvation that undid what Adam disobedience brought to mankind.

The Divine Authority of Christ discusses Christ authority over Satan, sin, the Sabbath and creation. What most was intriguing to me was the Sabbath. What Christ authority over the Sabbath means for us and how it gives us rest. The Sabbath became a “religious” hang up for many Jews. The culture was explained on how the people were distressed by anything that had to be done on the Sabbath. When Jesus declared Himself to be the Lord of the Sabbath, He struck a severe blow at the entire system of merit and works righteousness that found its focal point in the Sabbath. I think this is true today. It is easy for us to have work attitude. What do I have to do be saved. The two verbs that lead to salvation on man’s part is believe who Christ is and to come to Christ in repentance.

The Claims of Christ discusses the Great I AM. Each I am discusses the divinity of Christ and the work of Christ. How Christ becomes our satisfaction in what really matters.

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