Beyond the Ninety-Five Theses: Martin Luther’s Life, Thought, and Lasting Legacy by: Stephen J. Nichols

Beyond the Ninety-Five Theses: Martin Luther's Life, Thought, and Lasting LegacyBeyond the Ninety-Five Theses: Martin Luther’s Life, Thought, and Lasting Legacy by Stephen J. Nichols
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Do we look to God to understand humanity? Or, do we look to humanity to understand God? Luther tried looking to God. But the closer he looked, the more terrified he became. This started his journey and the Reformation.

The struggle of Martin Luther is our struggle too and it should be our struggle. A great historical text on what drove Martin Luther and the history of the church itself. As the catholic church was selling penance and salvation, Luther was driven for God to be found in suffering and the cross. That is where true theology lies. Anything else, leads to idolatry of self and the church was the bigger offender. The 95 theses laid out the gospel and the misdirection of the church. Luther taught it was the word alone, Christ alone. The sola scriptura. It became the authority question. We submit to the word, the word does not submit to us.

Luther’s life as described in this text reveals his confidence in the scriptures and the work of the cross. It behooves us to understand church history to avoid making the same theological mistakes of the past. It keeps what is important and the one thing the one thing. With the 500 year birthday of the Reformation, we as Christians owe much to Martin Luther and paving the way for us to these spiritual truths. Spiritual truths that focus on the Gospel and not of a man-made kingdom. A legacy that is worth a study. High recommend.

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