War Psalms of the Prince of Peace by: James E. Adams

War Psalms of the Prince of PeaceWar Psalms of the Prince of Peace by James E. Adams
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In short, as calling upon God is one of the principal means of securing safety, and as a better and more unerring rule for guiding us in this exercise cannot be found elsewhere than in the Psalms, it follows , that in proportion to the proficiency which a man shall have attained in understanding them, will be his knowledge of the most important part of celestial doctrine. John Calvin

The text answers what we do with the cries of vengeance found in the book of Psalms and it is quite refreshing. It keeps us in prospective of who God is and helps us understand His justice for the world. We are in the age that we cry for justice and Psalms is where it is found. It is found in Psalms because it points to Jesus.

The text is how to make Psalms our prayer. The accusation of the wicked, the prayer for the destruction of evil and rejoicing in God’s judgment. Not a politically correct prayer but one that will bring ultimate peace and the Kingdom of God. Is this about seeing people suffer, no the ultimate purpose is for those that are far from God to see who He is, soften their heart for their need of Him, repent and live for Him and all that we say and do. Psalms is really about spiritual warfare and praying in that warfare for the souls of people between two kingdoms.

This is a new look for me in the book of Psalms. A vision that has been lost in the church and would do well to have the eyes to see. The church has basically seen Psalms as the poverty of human hearts and not the riches of Jesus Christ.

An expository teaching of what Psalms is for the follower of Christ. The battle cry that should be on our hearts. A great resource for the church.

A Special Thank you to P&R Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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