Victoria by: Daisy Goodwin

VictoriaVictoria by Daisy Goodwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If her uncles had been less profligate, there would have been a dozen legitimate children between her and the throne, but they had been so distracted by the pleasures of the flesh that the crown had come to her. Victoria knew that there had been a reason for this, a divine purpose, and she was determined to prove worthy of it.

I loved this historical fiction. It was rich with wit and intrigue that I soon became in love with the setting and time of Queen Victoria. At a young age, Victoria lead a protected and sheltered life in the hopes of her landing the throne. With the help of mother and mother’s confidante, Victoria was groomed to take the throne. Victoria had a confidence about her that she knew her own mind and took to heart the responsibility of queen. Her first order of becoming Queen was choosing a private secretary. By-passing and shunning the man who put himself in place as her mother’s confidant, she chose Lord Melbourne. A man that respected the young woman and her title. They became great friends and Victoria found herself wanting more. This was a sweet relationship that drew on what was right for the heart and the throne. Victoria drew from Melbourne’s wisdom and he from her wit. It would be interesting to know how true Goodwin’s account was on this relationship.

A relationship driven plot, with Victoria’s relationship with her mother, her governess, ladies in waiting, and finally her husband, each relationship brought you to the heart of Victoria. In most of her relationships, she was loyal but guarded and at times vulnerable.

Victoria had her scandals and was non conventional when it came to protocol but in her discovery of who she was and her destiny as queen, she worked through the aches and pain of life. This was a clean read and very enlighten to the time at hand. The narration was done in 3 parts and ended in her marriage. I would have loved to gone on with her life as a mother and wife but hopefully Ms. Goodwin will continue Victoria’s story.

A Special Thank You to St. Martin’s Press and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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