Shadow of the Storm (Out From Egypt #2) by: Connilyn Cossette

Shadow of the Storm (Out From Egypt, #2)Shadow of the Storm by Connilyn Cossette
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And no matter the organization Mosheh imposed on the bribes, disunity, rebellion, and a lingering refusal to sever Egypt’s hold on our hearts seemed to undermine his every effort. We were a fractured people, a vessel made up of disparate pieces with jagged edges. A nation, yes but one only beginning to find its footing.

I think I found a new Christian author who masterfully takes the content of the Old Testament accounts and gives the reader a compelling look at the goodness of God. The setting is the time of Moses as he brought God’s chosen to Mt. Sinai to give the 10 commandments and to learn to worship the true God.

The plot centers around two women with two belief systems. Shira who dreams about being midwife knowing that she may never have children of her own. She has a broken past and struggles with the broken pieces of her life. She follows after the one true God and struggles to know his will for her life. Dvorah who seeks revenge partners with Shira as a midwife and later conspires against her. Dvorah also struggles to keep her son safe and away from the clutches of her brother-in-law. Her family worships many gods and she blames the Israelites for her woes. To add to the mix of these two women, a man that brings promise to both with opposite motivations.

What makes their story compelling is how God is working to bring all nations to himself. The bible briefly touches on the other nations that travelled with the Jews as they left Egypt. The tensions that arise and how the hearts of those who know God even still wander. The Levite role is masterfully portrayed in the story as well as the people begin to know what true worship really means. The Levite role in the worship of God also brought out the worst of people, revealing the heart of many. This also speaks of today. Not all are chosen and how do you respond.

Some of the quotes that I found encouraging.

That I have been nurturing my scars instead of speaking truth to myself and allowing them to heal.

This brand new nation was coming apart at the seams. After hundreds of years of domination and murder by evil kings, our newfound freedom had already become a liability to our survival.

With all good Christian books, there is much to see and learn about our broken hearts. To accept the storms and how God bless us with them.

A Special Thank You to Bethany House and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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