Momentum: Practicing the Beatitudes to Overcome Sin and Pursue God’s Blessing by: Colin S. Smith

Momentum: Practicing the Beatitudes to Overcome Sin and Pursue God's BlessingMomentum: Practicing the Beatitudes to Overcome Sin and Pursue God’s Blessing by Colin S. Smith
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Since Christ gives this righteousness fully and freely to all who trust in Him, no Christian need ever hunger and thirst after it. Who hungers for what he already has? The righteousness of Christ is a gift to be treasured, not a virtue to be sought. But to all who are in Christ, God gives his Holy Spirit, who renews our hearts and creates within us a new and deep desire to live in a way that is pleasing to him. Christ’s people hunger and thirst for righteousness, because while we know that we are forgiven and accepted before God on the basis of all that Christ is and all that He has done, we also know how far we are from all that Christ calls us to be.

I have to first say that this is a great study on the Beatitudes. Jesus teaching on what the heart of a Christian is to look like. This is not rooted in do’s and don’ts but a response and how each response of the beatitudes gives us momentum to the next one. Starting with poor in spirit and what that does and does not mean gives you a good start. If you struggle with one beatitudes that means that you do not have the correct understanding and application of the previous. Christianity is not ideology or culture but a confidence in the work of God for the redemption of mankind. Do you believe that you were created for something better not individually but a better good that is within our grasp. The beatitudes speak of this.

Colin Smith speaks with clarity of the gospel and with conviction.

Some of the quotes I found encouraging.

Peacemaking begins with the honesty and courage that will recognize a problem and face it. Without this, no further progress can be made.

The blessings of freedom lead us to expect a comfortable life, and comfort soon produces lethargy of spirit, which, in times, leads to fear and cowardice.

Trusting yourself to God means looking to Him to deal with the injustice rather than trying to deal with it by vindicating yourself.

I highly recommend and encourage others to pick this gem up.

A Special Thank You to Moody Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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