Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by: Paul David Tripp

Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your FamilyParenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family by Paul David Tripp
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Consider the big picture of what God is inviting you to be part of as he works in the hearts and lives of your children. It is meant to help you see how radically different parenting becomes when you quit trying to produce change and become a willing tool of the grace that rescues, forgives, and changes. Each chapter will introduce and explain a parenting principle that takes that grace seriously. Many of us are exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated. How about considering a new and better way: the way of grace?

I have to say that this not only about a better way of parenting but applying the gospel to our selves as well. We need the gospel just as much as our children do and at times more as we struggle to raise Godly children in a godless society. Whenever the gospel is rightly taught, it will give you encouragement and gratitude of what God has given us. This is not a book of dos and don’ts but more of how can I show Jesus to my children.

In knowing our limits as sinners, we can better display the gospel with mercy. Mercy does not mean that our children get away with everything under the sun, but mercy helps us as parents to parent with a tender heart that becomes teachable and builds our relationship that satisfies both parent and child. I know when I have showed mercy to my daughters that are willing to come to me in their need. It is a building of trust. It is easy to play the game of guilt and shame but you risk destroying the spirit of your children if you do. Tripp adamantly teaches that it is not the sin outside of the sinner but the sin inside the sinner. It is the nature of our sin. You cannot change circumstances with if only __________. You have to change the desires of the heart.

Tripp rightly addresses that being a parent exposes our hearts as well. Are we judgmental, critical,
angry, compliant, needy of affirmation, etc. etc. Being a parent exposes our weakness of what we value on how we parent. Tripp not only exposes our trouble in parenting but he also gives us tools within the gospel to have a divine opportunity with our own children. How exciting is that. To use a time of frustration as an opportunity to teach the gospel. With my own daughters, they would always argue about riding in the front seat. I would gently remind them about the first being last and the last being first. Did it work, sometimes but it always put the gospel front and center that it is not always about you. The gospel always forces you to think about the good of others.

Paul Tripp is a great communicator of the gospel. He can say the same thing about a dozen different ways for the light bulb to go on. I did order this book for my youngest as she is expecting her first child next month and my oldest already ordered this one so I am excited that she too will have tools to show the gospel to her children. What is exciting about the gospel is that prevalent to all areas of struggle. We all struggle, we all need the gospel for our good and God’s glory! Amen.

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