The Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck

The Wedding ShopThe Wedding Shop by Rachel Hauck
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

She ever imagined that when she responded to the tug to “go home”, she’d end up here. Or that reopening of the wedding shop was about family and healing, and real love would conquer her heart.

I do believe that God will tug at our heart with a simple message. Come Home. Pray. Call!. Haley experienced such a tug. She just broke off a dysfunctional relationship, was captain of the armed forces, and her best friend just died of cancer from her home town. When the old wedding store comes available, she just knows that God’s hand is in it. It is where the past and the present collide. Cora who was the original owner of the Wedding Shop back in the 1920’s has her own story of love and faith. Of forgiveness and trust. The same lessons that Cora had to learn is now the lessons that Haley must learn to go forward.

The author did a fantastic job of weaving both stories together that gave the story more depth and intrigue. There is a lesson for any reader and to be frank the lessons can be difficult when it comes to love. For me personally, I had a difficult time with Cora and the lesson she learned in waiting for a man that was not worthy. To be stringed along for so many years, is painful even if you are only reading it. Love is blind and in this case love was stupid. I may have had more of a connection with Cora’s choice if the author went deeper in Cora’s need to be so gullible.

Thank you Zondervan Fiction and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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