Nothing Short of Dying (Clyde Barr #1) by: Erik Storey

Nothing Short of Dying (Clyde Barr #1)Nothing Short of Dying by Erik Storey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

An army of one, Clyde Barr a advocate for the innocents that have fallen prey in a world of evil

Clyde Barr has just been released from prison when he gets a call from his sister in distress. He has made a promise that he will find her and rescue her at all costs. If it means breaking the law, in his eyes, it is retribution and a means to an end. In this case the end of evil.

Having survived a dysfunctional childhood with his sister, he has felt a strong responsibility to his sister that has her own demons of drug abuse and along with relational abuse. A vicious circle that brother and sister have gone around. The narration is done in his voice as he goes back to the past, you get a better understanding of who he is. You have empathy for him but not pity. You have admiration for what he has endured and find yourself cheering for him to get some redemption.

In the hunt to find his sister, he meets Allie, a bartender that has seen Jen and together they join forces to find her. Clyde comes to admire her as they together see something in each other that is redemptive for both of them.

Clyde Barr is a different kind of hero. Who lives by instinct and guts but also has compassion.

A Special Thank You to Simon & Schuster UK and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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