Dead End Fix (Mort Grant #6) by: T.E. Woods

Dead End Fix (Mort Grant #6)Dead End Fix by T.E. Woods
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Stop searching for justice. It’s a dead end street. Justice is just illusion. A cypher. Things happen. There’s no righteous scale that can ever be balanced.

Is this the end? Fixed in Fear ended with Mort’s psyco daughter Allie kidnapping her niece. Mort knows that the only chance his granddaughter has in coming back home safely is asking “The Fixer” to find her. The Fixer known only by Mort as Lydia, works by day as a psychologist and by night as a vigilante to balance the scales of justice. She knows security, how to fight, how to use a weapon and she understands the human condition. She is also known to build a wall around her to protect those that she loves from her destructive past.

Allie with her ties to the Russian mob has at her disposal resources that Lydia must outfight and outsmart to finish her mission successfully. Real tension is in between the pages when it comes between Allie and Lydia. Who will come out on top?

This is not the only story. The 2nd plot involves gang violence and racial tension. Not a compelling plot but informative that it gives the reader an inside look at the structure of gangs in the inner city.

I was a little disappointed because this had so much potential but it kind of petered out for me. The ending was abrupt and a little dissatisfying.

A Special Thank You to Alibi and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

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