Thy Kingdom Comics by: Adam4d

Thy Kingdom ComicsThy Kingdom Comics by Adam4d
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Can comics and theology mix???…with a resounding Yes, it makes an impact of the kingdom kind.
I have followed Adam4d on facebook for awhile and his short comic can put most sermons to shame. You can check out his website here.

He takes hard issues and makes a conversation. His book is a compilation of those conversations about Jesus, tolerance, abortion, marriage, sexuality, and the prosperity gospel and much much more. One of my favorites and maybe you can relate…Jesus takes Joel Osteen’s advice. Joel’s tweet…”Don’t waste time with people who don’t appreciate what you have to offer. The people around you should celebrate who you are.” Jesus is on the cross and hearing Joel’s advice-gets down from the cross. How we forget the gospel and make it about ourselves. When you see the gospel for what it truly is, you cannot be help but be humbled by it. That is what is transforming. You are not transformed by popularity, success, even good deeds but by what the Gospel is intended for. To bring you to the cross.

The thing is..The comics of Adam reflects the pain and the beauty of the cross. The condition of our hearts and the holiness of God. It offers something better and thru these comics, it opens our eyes to the truth of the gospel. That it is not centered on us but on what Christ did. Come and be part of the conversation of the Gospel.

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