Amy Snow by: Tracy Rees

Amy SnowAmy Snow by Tracy Rees
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My fate was bound up in hers-she had saved my life, after all…a treasure hunt that begins in the snow and a journey that ends in flames.

Set in the 1800’s, Amy Snow was abandoned as a baby found in the snow by 8-year old Aurelia Vennaway. Aurelia leads a lonely life, controlled by her parents who are haunted by their own tragedies. Amy is loved and adored by Aurelia as she takes her into her own home, however, Aurelia’s parents disdain her. As a way to control to their daughter, they force her into marriage to leave an heir to their vast fortune. It is this act alone that Aurelia rebels against her parents and leaves her home and Amy behind. Amy in her love for her friend and the only family she has, begins to doubt Aurelia friendship and her own purpose. The two woman share a journey of friendship and loyalty that is tested when only left with questions and doubt.

The narration is done with Amy’s voice as she struggles with her identity and the desire to be accepted. Both women in their own prison seeking to free each other. Their world becomes better because of their friendship to each other

Some of the quotes that I loved…
But love is not comprised of words, pretty thought hey are to hear, it is comprised of the choices you make every moment.

Being guarded has been my way of surviving he world.

I have my faults, like any man, and pride of course is one of them. I had not thought, though, that pride would make a coward out of me.

A journey of the Dickens kind, with the love of words and friendship.

A Special Thank you to Simon & Schuster and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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