The Progeny (Descendants of the House of Bathory #1) by: Tosca Lee

The Progeny (Descendants of the House of Bathory #1)The Progeny by Tosca Lee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I thought I had to find answers. I thought I had to find safety. I have neither answers nor safety- less of each, in fact, than before. But I am alive. Right now. And for this moment, at least, I am done with dying. With anonymity, which is its own form of death. My face already conceals more than I will remember of who I am. My name is Audra Ellison and I am twenty-one years old, I am Utod, from the noble and long line of Bathory. I remember who I am…those I died for, those I love.

This is one I don’t want to give to much away. But it starts right away that draws you in. Audra is running from something. She has just checked out of a hospital without any memory of who she was and what she is running from. She finds her self in a small town in Maine making fish flies. When a young man befriends her, he seems familiar and then…..I am not giving anything away.

In the intensity of who Audra is and what she is running from and why, you are drawn into a connection. She loves fiercely and she was loved fiercely. Its this fiercely love is what we were made for that I was drawn too. The love of a mother, the love of a daughter, the love of a soul mate.

The plot goes back generations and continues on with Audra. Audra has special gifts that with all special gifts could be use for good and for evil. It is keeping the gift from evil that drives Audra and to protect those that she loves.

I love this quote How do you put a lifetime on a page? . On the day that you were born I felt more alive than I had ever been before. On the day you look into your own child’s eyes, you will understand what I am saying: that I saw the face of God. I have never known such love, such gratitude and humility, as the moment I held you…But I leave treasure for you. Find. Live. Let my life’s work be my humble offering for all the years I could not be the mother I hoped to you…will have many things to say to God about my loss of you. But many more to say for the gift of you.

It leaves you on a cliff ready…go…jump!

A Special Thank you to Howard Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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