Missional Motherhood: For Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God by: Gloria Furman

Missional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of GodMissional Motherhood: The Everyday Ministry of Motherhood in the Grand Plan of God by Gloria Furman
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For God to be the supreme deity, he MUST value his glory above all things. For him to do otherwise would be idolatrous. God does this by satisfying us with himself forever. He wants us to see that he is the supreme beauty to admire and the supreme person to love. And he doesn’t want us just to see these things, but also to taste these truths. What good is it only look at honey? You have to eat to fully enjoy it.

What does the above statement have to do with motherhood? I am glad you asked…It has to do with the gospel. As a mother that nurtures her children and others, we display this statement when we live out the gospel. Jesus invites us to a missional motherhood – to follow his pattern, to trust his promises and to nurture others by the power he provides. It is in this mission, that our selfishness is exposed and the hope of real gospel of not what we can obtain and do but who God is. Our need for a right relationship with God becomes our priority and all other needs become secondary that we are compelled by grace to nurture those that God puts in our path. Our children or anyone we disciple. This book is not just for mothers but for women who desire to nurture others in faith because of who God is and what he has done. God has given this gift to women with our emotions good and bad. The opposite of course, is we can become self-serving and fearful.

Gloria Furman is one of the most gifted in teaching the gospel. She is different in her teaching than some of the popular women teachers that she always puts God attributes in balance. She does not pit one attribute to another.

This study comes in two parts. Motherhood in the Grand plan of God. Where she invites the reader to the Old Testament and the looking forward to the hope of Jesus. Part two is the ministry of motherhood. Where Christ is center in motherhood. Christ the Creator, Christ the Redeemer, Christ the Prophet, Christ the Priest, and Christ the King. How each of Christ role brings life to what we do.

I encourage you that the reminders of the Gospel is what we need in the people God has given us to love. It keeps us from being the center to Christ who satisfies in perfection.

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