Chasing the North Star by: Robert Morgan

Chasing the North StarChasing the North Star by Robert Morgan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Knowing the most lasting pain, was not to one’s body but to one’s dignity.

I always enjoy a good historical fiction based loosely on actual advents and the those that lived them. Slavery in America’s history can teach us much about what happens to a nation when we take away a man’s dignity. Such as the case of Jonah Williams who on his 18th birthday ran away after being accused of stealing and punished publically. Jonah had the good fortune of being taught to read by his slave master’s wife. She had given Jonah a bible to read and to learn about life and how to live. It is by the word, that Jonah learned that there was something better a freedom. His journey started when he decided to run. Thinking carefully on what he needed to do and what he needed to avoid, he outplayed those that wanted to set him back. In his journey, he came in the company of Angel. The narration is told in their voices. What they had to endure and the decisions they made. Angel is carefree, using what she had to survive. Jonah using his mind to think ahead to what was better.

As you journey with them, you walk in their shoes of what slavery does to a man. Their journey was how man can lose his dignity but still have hope for something better. Jonah did not give up on his dream while Angel did not give up on Jonah. His dream became her dream.

A Special Thank You to Algonquin Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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