I Don’t Get You: A Guide to Healthy Conversations by: Sherry Graf

I Don't Get You: A Guide to Healthy ConversationsI Don’t Get You: A Guide to Healthy Conversations by Sherry Graf
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Emotional purity promotes healthy intimacy while guarding against unintended or unhealthy attachment.

Emotional purity is tied to having healthy conversations as a single and married. This is what this short read reveals- how our sexuality and emotions are connected. Rightly so, it stresses the importance of having a healthy relationship with Christ. Are we emotionally tied to the work of Christ and what he has done for us? If we are not, it is easy to let our heart run astray.

The study introduces a man and women in a friendly relationship however, it is easy for that relationship to be emotional when boundaries are not set and realized. This is where we can get hurt. Men can feel that they are being led on and women can easily give their heart to a man that has no intention of giving his heart to her. We become defrauders many times not realizing what we have done. This happens when we do not guard our heart.

As a married woman, I felt that the read was informative about not only guarding my own heart but the heart of others as well. Do I tend to share too much of my own life and give myself emotionally to someone that can be hurtful when I cannot commit. This is about building healthy relationships with others. A future spouse, a co-worker, friends. It is promotes healthy intimacy to others.

Short read and worth taking the steps to guarding your own heart and the heart of others.

A Special Thank You to Tyndale House Publishers and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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