Distant God: Why He Feels Far Away…And What We can Do About It. by: Chris Nye

Distant God: Why He Feels Far Away...And What We Can Do About ItDistant God: Why He Feels Far Away…And What We Can Do About It by Chris Nye
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The reality of our relationships is simple; our actions toward others are tied to our intimacy with others. The trembling sense for the hereness of God is the assumption of our being accountable to Him. God awareness is not an act of God being known to man; it is the awareness of man’s being known by God. In thinking about Him we are thought by Him.

We are created for relationships and intimacy. To be known and to know. Being created in the image of God, we long for intimacy. The teaching of why we may feel distant from God is done in three parts. Measuring the Distance, Closing the Distance and Going the Distance.

I like when a study goes back to the beginning. In measuring the distance we are brought back to when Adam and Eve were with God, they were the most content before the fall. It is the act of being like God, the distance occurred. Their story is our story. Just has Adam and Eve hid, God sought and redeemed. God seeks, we hide. The bible is God’s story in how He seeks.

In closing the distance, the study is centered around obedience and repentance. Reminding the reader that sin reflects our desire for ourselves than who God is. Repentance always brings us back to God and changes our desires.

Going the distance is holding up the truth. Being a truth seeker and resting in the assurance that all things will be as they should be. Our satisfaction is not of this world but in the world to come.

A good study always reflects the problem and what God does to ramify the problem. This was done well with encouragement and truth. It is up to us receive the truth and to place our faith to that truth and not on false promises. What I found for myself in doing this study is how my desires are different from God. When His desires become mine, the distant gap closes.

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