Angels Burning by: Tawni O Dell

Angels BurningAngels Burning by Tawni O’Dell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

We are what we know. Not what the world tells us we should be. Not even what our own hearts want us to be.

A character study, a crime scene, dark secrets, everything you want that is well played. Our main protagonist 50 year old Chief Dove Carnahan has come long way from a broken childhood to the chief of police in her little town. Growing up with her sister and brother and her self-absorbed mother; Carnahan now seeks some balance of control and stability that she lost in her past. Being the Chief of Police is now her redemption. When a case of a young woman’s murder comes to her town, she takes it personally. All she can think about is the victims final moments and the anguish she suffered from her offender.

As the case unfolds and the victim is one of the town’s own, Carnahan must keep her own past of her mother’s murder and the demise of her family in perspective.

I loved the character development – Carnahan is tough but vulnerable. She is insightful and witty.
Her sister Neely is a well-known dog trainer that adds dimension and irony to the character development. You can know a person on how they treat and respect a dog. Both Neely and Dove are anchors to each other that is to be envied.

Some of the quotes and witticism that I enjoyed.

My Mom’s murder is something I keep hidden most of the time; when I have to bring it out, I wear it like crown or a noose, depending on my mood. After talking to Lucky, I’ve slipped it over me like a Kevlar vest.

The camera really does add ten pounds, because there’s no way that extra ten pounds around my middle is my fault, I assure myself while I take another swig from my beer and rip off a chunk of crusty bread I picked up on my way home from Zuchelli’s Bakery.

Neely can’t stand this particular type of nice person; the ones whose supposed kindness doesn’t stem from genuine benevolence but from their own selfish desire to avoid effort or confrontation.

It’s not only a crime story but a woman’s journey to redemption. Always a winner in my book.

A Special Thank You to Gallery Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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