Age of Reinvention by: Karine Tuil

The Age of ReinventionThe Age of Reinvention by Karine Tuil
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Free and happy. The death of ambition -at last. I was a self-made man. Through sheer fore of will and hard work, I invented myself. It may have been built on a lie, but the success I built is still all my own. I made those life choices

I have to admit, getting into this read was difficult. It was easy to dislike Samir Tahar. So much so, I contemplated about continuing on. But there is an honesty about Samir in his dishonesty to reinvent himself using the life of his fellow student Samuel Baron. Who was Samir really? A Muslim by birth but without any conviction. A spineless Islam. It all started accidently of course, but then when an opportunity arises Samir takes a new identity from a Muslim man to a Jewish man that leads him to working for an elite firm and marriage to a Jewish family. Was it a defense mechanism for survival being a Muslim man. For twenty years Samir lives a lie that he believed himself to be invincible, untouchable. until the implications of his big lie is exposed.

Samuel Baron has lost everything to Samir. The woman he loves. But in his anonymity, he became successful.

The contrast between these two men is remarkable. The narration is different and at times hard to keep up but in Tuil’s own words A true writer.. should always try for something that has never been done before, or that others have tried and failed

Samir’s story is the prison he put himself in by living the lie and the consequences of that lie. What he truly lost. In some ways I think there is a little Samir in everyone’s story in the story of reinvention. Fair warning..Samir is offensive to women just saying.

A Special Thank you to Atria Books and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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