The Parables of Jesus by: James Montgomery Boice

The Parables of JesusThe Parables of Jesus by James Montgomery Boice
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The parables of Jesus question if we are really of the faith, if our talk is aligned with our walk, if we are truly committed to the truth. The parables are broken in 5 groups. The parables of the Kingdom, the parables of salvation, the parables of wisdom and folly, parables of the Christian life, and parables of judgment.

What does a parable do? It is a story taken from real life from which a moral or spiritual truth is drawn. If we have hears to hear and eyes to see, we will want to see justice. Just like David did when the Prophet Nathan came to David with his sin in a parable. David was outraged with the sin committed to the innocent and when he realized it was his own sin, he was grieved. It was in his grief, that David was able to praise God for his mercy.

There is plenty of insight in all the parables presented. I am sure anyone reading this for further study will be blessed. It is also a great resource for teaching as well. The parables reveal the greatness of the gospel in nature and action. It is what makes them so powerful, even today.

Several insights that I came across were how judgment was explained as a separation. The significance of that separation. The separation is from God himself. We all live in God’s grace now and to be separated from that would be devastating. Do we realize what we have? Is there gratitude in the way we live?

Another insight is this But even in our lost state we retain something of the image of God, and God loves us and is determined to find and reclaim us for the sake of that image. Our salvation is important to God because he is losing something of worth.

Such a great time of knowing God, our great salvation and the gratitude that keeps us joyful. I highly recommend.

A Special Thank You to Moody Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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