I was Blind (Dating), But Now I See: My Misadventures in Dating, Waiting, and Stumbling into Love by: Stephanie Rische

I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See: My Misadventures in Dating, Waiting, and Stumbling Into LoveI Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See: My Misadventures in Dating, Waiting, and Stumbling Into Love by Stephanie Rische
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I know you, God seemed to be saying, and I know that if you stored away my provision, you would forget the one who gave it to you in the first place. I will give the grace you need. Just enough for today!

No I am not dating. I am happily married (we have had our share of happy and not so much) and have been for over 30 years but I have to tell you, what I have learned from Stephanie Rische’s account on dating and waiting for Mr. Right has taught me much about my own broken heart. She has shared her longing for a husband to share her life with, have kids, and grow old with. A marriage where she is known and she knows another. That is the longing for all of our hearts and I think that need also drives us to the feet of Jesus. It is the waiting that we all share whether we are married or not. We are always waiting for something…better…something to make us more complete….something to make us more happier. It is in the waiting we learn to trust and wait on God and His timing. It is in the waiting we draw closer to Him and desire to know him better.

There is also humor in waiting and I appreciated the wit and humor of the “blond dates” that with a Ebenezer rock with a name written on it ended up as a tangible symbol of God’s faithfulness. The torture of a blind date and checking off the list can do damage to anyone’s well being. But in those blind dates, how do you learn about God’s faithfulness. In the same way, it is not always the successes in life, but in the failures that I cling to who God is. What a great reminder.

This is not another testimony about being single but about the gospel. I love when a testimony speaks to my heart as well. My longings for God’s presence and how my desires turn into what God desires. Rische reminds us a sermon on marriage or a book on marriage only isolates those that are single, divorced, or whose spouse does not go to church. It is in the how to we lose the Gospel.

Some quotes that I found encouraging.

The Psalms never answered why. Instead they answered another question. Who? Who is this God we’re praying to? Who am I in relation to this big God?

As a family of one, I could embrace parts of the abundant life that my married friend couldn’t. And there were aspects of abundance that she as a mother of 2.5 kids, could experience that I couldn’t. But we were both sheep in the same pasture, led by the same shepherd.

Maybe that’s the definition of true contentment; choosing to rest in who God is, regardless of the circumstances.

I was truly blessed by this sweet and humorous testimony and reminded that our true longings are of God.

A Special Thank You to Tyndale House Publishing and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review.

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