Deadly Lullaby by: Robert McClure

Deadly Lullaby: A ThrillerDeadly Lullaby: A Thriller by Robert McClure
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Where the Godfather meets Mr. Goodfellas who meets the The Departed

If you are a crime thriller movie buff, you will see all three in this action packed crime thriller. Babe Crucci is now free from prison and hopes a relationship of father/son who goes to bars for a drink and end up at the baseball stadium to watch a ball game. However, this is no regular father/son relationship. The father a well-known criminal and the son an up and coming detective for the Los Angles force can be a difficult one to reconcile.

The first order of business right out of prison is to help his son Leo out of a gambling debt and put an end of criminal career in the past after he pays off several favors. Babe’s way of “taking care” of the his son’s gambling debt puts his son on edge and Leo wonders to what lengths will his father go and what that means to him. Leo has his own demons from his dysfunctional parents to how he upholds the law.

The tension is what makes this such a page turner. Babe is not someone who you would want to cross but how he views his son makes him interesting character and one that you find yourself rooting for. His love for his son makes him human. Leo’s struggle knows how much like his father he really is.

The tension mounts when past favors are paid and current investigation collide. Will the father and son sell each other out or will the relationship have some type of redemption. The narration is rough, but the humanity of father and son coming together against all odds make it a great read.

A Special Thank you to Random House, Alibi and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review

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