Ministry in the New Marriage Culture by: Jeff Iorg

Ministry in the New Marriage CultureMinistry in the New Marriage Culture by Jeff Iorg
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We are moving on to the next big issue-responding to the ministry needs the redefinition of marriage has thrust upon us. This resource focuses on how to minister in the new marriage culture while upholding biblical convictions about gender, marriage and sexuality. This resource asks the question Now what? in different ministry components.

Our response to the changes in the church and in the culture on the issues of marriage, sexual identity and gender identity leads Christians to balance between the demonstration of Christian love and a compromise of Christian convictions? How do we respond to the needs and keep true to what the bible says?

The compilation of authors with their own ministries give readers that are layman and church leaders meat on the bone to practice out their faith with truth and grace. This is an opportunity for the church. It does NOT lay aside the plan of God for marriage, family and community, but for the gospel to be displayed. The glorious gospel. The gospel represents a life changed. Made new. A life that belongs to

The issue of identity and acceptance and the understanding of those issues on both sides of the New Marriage Culture are very helpful. It is a struggle for all of us and is at the root of these issues.

My favorite chapter was the work of Pastor Phil Busbee in San Francisco. His church the First Baptist Church of San Francisco is in the heart of the gay community. It is in sharing the grace of God that souls have come to know the truth of the gospel. Instead of coming out in full force to picket the LGBT community, the church came to serve them instead.

Quotes that I found encouraging and informative.

Principles outline what the church must do to protect itself and to offer a redemptive, alternative sexual ethic in our world. Theological responses are theological. That is, they center on God and His revealed will. Too often the church (like society) builds its program on a pragmatic and or relational theology. That is, we live in light of those around us, whether we do so attempting to reach them or out of fear of them. We must be called back to a God-centered approach to deciding issues related to sexual behavior.

Unfortunately, grace is often perceived as permission and love as tolerance. Both concepts need clarification.

Love is always expressed through the lens of truth. Love always intends to bring people closer to Jesus.

Paul elaborates that the gospel is powerful through the work of Christ and the Spirit. This power is most clearly seen in the conversion of sinners and the establishment of the community of Jesus, the church. The church bears witness of God and His power through the faithful proclamation of the gospel as well as the community demonstration of unity, holiness, and love. These gospel realities ground our gospel confidence in all situations. And these gospel realities ground our gospel in the new marriage culture? How? (Read the book and find out)

All religions address two fundamental questions? What is wrong with the world and what can be done to fix it?
The graces of Christianity are all connected together and are mutually dependent on each other…They so go together that where there is one, there are all… Where there is faith, there are love, hope and humility, and where there is love, there is trust, and where there is holy trust in God, there is love for God…Where there is love for God, there is a gracious love for man, and where there is Christian love for man, there is love for God. The graces of Christianity depend on one another. There is also mutual dependence between them, so that one cannot be without the other…Faith promotes love… Then again, love enlarges and promotes faith. So love promotes humility. Humility promotes love…Love tends to repentance… and repentance tends to humility… a true love for God tends to love for men who bear the image of God…Jonathan Edwards

This is not a hateful response to the LGBT but what can Christians do to understand the needs of the gay community. What is not working and the opportunities for us to reexamine what the gospel really is. It really is not about the gay issue but a gospel issue. WE. ARE. BROKEN. Let it humble our hearts that we may serve in love.

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