God is Fixing This! Correction God has Fixed it!

I was deeply troubled by the headlines today that God is not Fixing this.  With the terrible tragedy that happened in California, lack of gun control is to blame.    Or is it?  The reality is that our hearts are to blame.  We say God is not fixing this, but we don’t allow him in our schools.  We say God is not fixing this, but we do not allow him in our marriages and family.    How can God fix it if we do not allow him to Fix it.  Jesus himself said that he came for the sick and weary of heart.  It is in our humble state, that we can begin to allow for God to fix our hearts.

God is not fixing this really reveals what we believe about God and what is true about us.

There is trouble and tribulation when mankind does not acknowledge his own need for God and repentance.  Instead we blame and in our own feeble attempt pass laws that only lead to pass more laws that we eventually have lost all freedom.    I am all for laws and the law to be enforced but I find it interesting the more laws we try to pass, the more crime seems to abound.

We need leaders that whether in the family or the community to lead people to pray for humble hearts and that we would seek God and know truly know Him.


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