The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? By: Steven A. Hein

The Christian Life: Cross or Glory?The Christian Life: Cross or Glory? by Steven A. Hein
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The Cross and The Crown is the paradox of Christianity. While some would rather die than have a spiritual life so centered, it is God who demands just that, your death, in order for your spiritual life to be rightly centered. Your death to sin is demanded by the very same cross that crucified your Lord. You must with Christ, in order to live with Him.

The paradox of Christianity does seem to leave a sinner with the question “how than should I live”? The better question is how than should I die to self. It is by the Gospel. This study of the paradox and tensions of Christianity is asking the question are you willing to consider the implications of Christ the crucified. The author brings you to Luther’s reflection of the cross in Luther’s famous Heidelberg Theses of 1518 and where you will apply them in greater detail.

It is in the tensions of Christianity that pulls our heart to Christ or to sin. It is the law that that God uses to bring us to repentance and God’s grace to humble us to serve others. Reading this study awakens your heart to the tensions that pull. The tensions of the cross keep us from being complacent and engaged in our condition before God.

Some quotes that I found encouraging.

Duty damns if we do it, and it damns if we don’t – for both destroy love.

Love was the constant condition of human existence in Paradise, until Adam and Eve exchanged their trust in God for trust in themselves.

The Law without the Gospel leads either to despair or self-righteousness.

This book is not about being comfortable, tension calls for action of faith and trust. It is these tensions where we find where our faith lies. It is a feel good Christianity or is one of working out our salvation? The tensions force us to ask questions about our faith without assuming it. A great resource that is foundational, challenging, and engaging. I highly recommend it.

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